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Nadia Reid - Best Thing

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Set lists

Shanique Marie - Ring the Alarm!
Time Cow & RTKal - Elephant Man
Nah Eeto & Sumgii - Wanawake
Klein Zage - Tip Me Baby One More Time
Space Ghost - Feelin Real Good
Nat Birchall meets Al Breadwinner - Hornsman Rock
PollyHill - Rare View feat. LB
Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Kanohi ki te Kanohi, in a Virtual World feat. Julian Lubin
Isayahh Wuddha - Feel
Womb - Used To Be
Droor - Photosynthesizer
Ryan Fisherman - How Cool
Nadia Reid - Get the Devil Out
Myele Manzanza - Judgement (For Andrew) feat. Raiza Biza
Soccer96 - Children Will Dance
Team Dynamite - Who? feat. Diggy Dupé
Juno Is - I Want To Be Gentle
Hans. - Borders
Lizard Prom - Betty Goes To Hell
SODA BOYZ - Bad Friend
Channel Tres - Weedman
Reggae Roast - Six Plants feat: XL Mad
Kemikal - Gwan
Floating Points - Bias (Extended)
christoph el' truento - WASHED feat. lui tui
Manuel Darquart - It's a Dub
Casement - Eskimo (Casement Bootleg) [V2]
Amamelia - Sad and Lonely feat. Junny
U.S. Girls - Window Shades
Alison Valentine - Circles and Triangles
Ripship - Plume on Europa
SMOOT - Something In The Way
Reggae Roast - Turn Up The Heat feat: Top Cat
$KIPPA - Wah Gwan Last Night
Valdovinos - Grizzly feat: Josefina Barriex
Dateline - Don't Know (What To Do With Me) [Live at Neck Of The Woods 2020]
CHAII - Trouble

Today on your bFM Breakfast: Rach and Tess talk tourism (don't ask) to kick off your Tuesday; Second Guessing gets the listeners giving clues; the Mayor is thrilled about the heavy downpour we had overnight; Short Player features Vera Ellen; and Sam watched Midnight Gospel, but did he enjoy it? Stay tuned.

Amamelia - Sad and Lonely feat. Junny
Kikagaku Moyo - Ouchi Time
Benny Salvador - 3 Dimensions
Sleaford Mods - Second
Lido Pimienta - Resisto Y Ya
Koizilla - Let's Go Camping
Chastity Belt - Seattle Party
Menahan Street Band - Queens Highway
Lion Dixon - Luv
Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Gravity
P.H.F. - I hate myself
Cut Off Your Hands - Fooling No One
CINDY - Yard Sale
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - The Steady Heart
Street Chant - Scream Walk
T.G. Shand - Golden Hour
Crack Cloud - Ouster Stew
White Poppy - Something Sacred
Dominic Hoey & Matt Short - Plague
Toy Love - Squeeze
Shiraz & LSJ - Lean & Rock
WHIM - Eurydice
Fiona Apple - Under The Table
Bob Andy - Desperate Lover
Hubert Lee - Night Owl
Tony Allen & Afrika 70 - African Message
Millie Small - Bluey Louey
Naggo Morris - Can't Take Su Su Pon Dread
Sizzla - Why Should I
Jah Mali - Long Long Time
The Crepe Souls - Let It Be Me
The Pioneers - Step By Step
Santic All Stars - Hell Boat
Conscious Minds - Good Mood
Lloyd Forrest - Where It's At
Dennis Brown - Set Your Little Heart Free
The Tidals - How Glad I Am
The Morwells - Trenchtown Way
Freddie McKay - It Get So Hot
The Mellolads - Mind Your Business
Dennis Brown - Blood Son
Dean Fraser - A Few Goes A Boasting
Errol Holt - Gimme Gimme
Star Plus Band - Free Base
Sam Bramwell - Ruling Time
Khruangbin - So We Won't Forget
Terrence Parker - Some Sweet Day
Dateline - Don't Know (What To Do With Me) [Live at Neck Of The Woods 2020]
Zane 2000 - Time Just Is
Perfume Genius - Jason
Princess Chelsea - All I Need To Do
Shiraz & LSJ - Lean & Rock
Flat Worms - Market Forces
Moses Sumney - Bystanders
Giantess - Home
Caribou, Morgan Geist - Never Come Back - Morgan Geist
Phoebe Bridgers - I See You
Repairs - Last Chances
Jeanines - Been In The Dark
Olumpus - Rotting in My Room
Olumpus - Beautiful Or Bro?
Seablite - I Talk to Frogs
Angel Bat Dawid - No Space Fo Us
PollyHill - Rare View feat. LB
Dehd - Loner
JessB - Pon It
Ryan Hendriks - ROUNDABOUT
Katie Von Schleicher - Wheel
Droor - Contrarian
Chouk Bwa, The Angstromers - Sali Lento
Sneaks - Mars in Virgo
Manuel Darquart - It's a Dub
Jamie xx - Idontknow - 7" Version
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - How Can U Luv Me
Fenne Lily - Hypochondriac
Pottery - Hot Like Jungle

As this show didn't broadcast, there's no way for me to have a setlist for it so I thought I'd dump one here. If this is a crime, then so is the amount of psych rock we punish our listeners with each afternoon.

Da Crime Click – Smoka Blunt or Somethin’
Country Club – Comfort
Spiteful Urinator – Strange Ways (KISS cover)
California Love – Blasphemous Impulses
Shed Dwellaz – Go Like Thizz
United Mutation – Infinite Regression
Internal Rot – Sensitive Cop
Lil Yo – Creepin’
Leech – Make Scapegoat
Oil Spill – Great Black Pit
Infernal Legions of Mordor – Bolt Thrower and Morbid Angel are Fucking Boring
Setherial – I Nattens Famn
Sinistrous Diabolus – Wipeout Christianity
Roy Irwin – Bully
Hypoxyphilia – Instant Death To Humanity
Decrepitude – This Is Cursed
Faceless Burial – Multiversal Abattoir
Nasenbluten - Dash
Infernal Legions Of Mordor – I May Be Ugly, But I Own A Carved Cross Demo You Fucking Peasant
God Is War – Death Hilarious
Castle – The 7th Empire
DJ Tron – Murder The World
Straight Panic – Haunted House (feat. DJ Speedsick)