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Prince Tui Teka - E Hine Hoki Mai

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Set lists

Troy Kingi - He Hua i Kore Ai
street chant - There Is No Depression In New Zealand
Wiri Donna - Dream of Me
The Chills - Tied Up In Chain
Riki Pirihi & Alistair Fraser - VI
Proteins of Magic - Second Wish
Leaping Tiger - New Psyche
Che Fu - Waka
Ladyhawke - My Delirium (Acoustic)
Liam Finn - Burn Up The Road (Live At WNYC)
Lawrence Arabia - Malade
Dave Dobbyn - Slice Of Heaven (feat. Herbs)
Mayzie - Party
Peking Man - Room That Echoes
Dragon - Rain
The Forbin Project - POWDER RUN
The Mint Chicks - She's A Mod
Dennis Marsh - Molly
DalyanRD & Mapili - US
Sneaky Feelings - Husband House
Toy Love - Sheep
Bressa Creeting Cake - Ring Ring
Wing - Dancing Queen
Wing - Safe Computer (feat. Rappy McRapperson, MC Wreckshin & Shinobi Onibocho)
Young Gho$t & Midknight Moon - Live & Direct
Xani Hall - Intuition
Bachelorette - Holding Back One
Shanalog - Island Bar
Fabulous/Arabia - The Ballad Of State Highway 1
Shocking Pinks - 18
Signer - 02 Untitled
Clear Path Ensemble - Jerry's Funk (Glenn Astro Rhythm Dub)
Nathan Haines - Epiphany (Julien Dyne Remix)
Connan And The Moccasins - Skies Are For Flying
She's So Rad - Cool It
Lawrence Arabia - The Bisexual
The Phoenix Foundation - Flock of Hearts
Toy Love - The Crunch
Nevernudes - Grade F Meat
The Clean - Are You Really On Drugs?
Scuba Diva - What's the Point?
The Ruby Suns - Olympics On Pot
Sandboards - Sandboard Dream (69 Club Mix)
K2K - Malibu
Chaos In The CBD - Spheres
Chaos In The CBD - Our Last Dance
Chaos In The CBD - Digital Harmony
Borrowed CS - RE: Tooling
Yvois - Muppet
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - Aotearoa Overture
Toy Love - Swimming Pool
Marlin's Dreaming - Sink or Swim
Godfrey De Grut - Night-Scented Stock (feat. Tusiata Avia)
Fight Of The Conchords - Sugalumps
HEAVY CHEST - Time On My Hands
Danse Macabre - Ecg
Elroy - Worth The Wait

95bFM Drive with Jonny: Tuesday May 24, 2022

Salmonella Dub - Andy's Jam - Instrumental mix
Pitch Black - Dub Smoke (Tripswitch Club Mix)
Salad Boys - This Issue
Popstrangers - No ID
The Pleasure Majenta - Fabric
Silas Futura - To Stay For A While
Baby Zionov - Fantasy feat. corpse-becoming-foxes
Grecco Romank - Dog Head
TE KAAHU - Pai Maarire
Troy Kingi - Caught In The Rain
SuperVillains (RMC) - Rapshit
Head Like A Hole - Keith
Home Brew - Good God feat. Hollie Smith & Tyna Keelan
Noah Slee - COMPLICIT feat. Pnksand, Mike Nasa
Marlon Williams - My Boy
Front Lawn - Andy
The Situations - Family Ties
Semi MC's - Trust Me
Sisters Underground - Ain't It True
Otara Millionaires Club - We R The O.M.C.
David Dallas - Southside ft Sid Diamond & Mareko
Ghost Wave - Here She Comes
An Emerald City - A Thousand Stars At Night
Rhombus - Treat You So Right feat. TK Paradza and Lisa Tomlins
Sun Room - Better to be
Na Noise - Sun Stone Air
Frances Libeau - A Good Thing
Diggy Dupé - That's Team feat. AP
Mako Road - The Sun Comes Up
And$um x The Response - Time to wait
JANG - Holy Fury
Kruff Kurtis - Absolutism
Module - A Glass Star
oxinym - Milky Way
@peace - Hug Your Mum
Subsonance - All Those Thinbgs
Dudley Benson - It's Ōtepoti's Fault (Totems Remix)
SLICEDUB - Fantasma (Spectral Stain)
Midnight Riders meet Naram Rhythm Section - Bobby was a Gangster
Bandulu Dub feat: Sammy Gold - Ganja Farmer (Dub Terminator Steppa Mix)
Casey Cream - Songbird
Faber Morrow - Acquiring the Nebula
Sollem Den - Rayon Dreams
deepState - Redux [Van Staden and Bohm Remix]
The Forbin Project - POWDER RUN
LONDON DRUGS - Play it Again, Jaws
Ilena - Forever
Merk - Manchuria
Bressa Creeting Cake - Papa People
Asta Rangu - LLPLZA
Ballot Box - Hanuman
JANG - Angel Eyes
Ingrid and the Ministers - Boofhead
Amamelia - So Good
Amamelia - Swoon [Liam K. Swiggs Remix]
Azifm - Each Alone
Rubi Du - Back Up
Dead Famous People - Home Fire
Jono Das - Memories
Aldous Harding - Fever
Erny Belle - Hell Hole
Emily Fairlight - Body Below
Flo Wilson - Prelude to a Requiem [Radio Edit]
Eden Burns - Dance When The
Nuance - London Ting
Ringlets - Feeling of the Body
Borrowed cs - Straight Shooter
Satin Sheets - see/D
GG Mothra - MOOM
Fanau Spa - Leather and Wood
k2k - We Down For
DBLDBL - Big Mike feat. L V J & PollyHill
Adelaide Cara - Moonlit
Uber Driver - GO ROUND
3Ds - Spooky
Bachelorette - Intergalatic Solitude
Eden Burns - Dance When The
shannengeorgiapetersen - Home Again 4
Marlin's Dreaming - Trophies
Marlin's Dreaming - Showman
Baby Zionov - Fantasy feat. corpse-becoming-foxes
The Zenmenn - Bella Fantasia
Proteins of Magic - Willow
Bic Runga - Drive
Aidan Fine - Something New
Wiri Donna - Dream of Me
Sun Room - Better to be
Skeptics - Agitator
Mayzie - Party
The Tall Dwarfs - On and On and On
The Forbin Project - 001