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Jorge Elbrecht - Ancient Grief

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Today on your bFM Breakfast: We're kicking the show off with some profound advice and a beautiful sunsrise; the Prime Minister dials in to talk about border quarantines, climate change and tenancy laws; Rob's talking sharks and Cinderella; Peter and Tom from Wax Chattels to talk about their upcoming album and a new single they've released; and Amelia's giving us the lowdown on the Great Vowel Change.

ANOHNI - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Perfume Genius - Without You
Courtney Barnett - Sunday Roast
Fuzz - Returning
Coco Solid - Just One Kiss [Prod. Jizmatron]
The Go-Betweens - Love Goes On!
Exploding Flowers - I Need Your Devotion
Jacques Greene - For Love
David Bowie - The Prettiest Star (mono single version)
JANG - Angel Eyes
Contour - Go Away [Strawberry Switchblade Cover]
Terrence Parker, Merachka - Twisted Disco 77
Wax Chattels - No Ties
Wax Chattels - Efficiency
Sweeping Promises - Hunger for a Way Out
Prince - Sign O' The Times
Womb - Used To Be
Tami Neilson - Ten Tonne Truck
Stereolab - Lo Boob Oscillator
The Green Child - New Dungeon
Arthur Russell - Make 1,2
Shamir - I Wonder
Pickle Darling, Skirts - Happy Together
Arca - Machote
Khruangbin - Shida
Team Dresch - Story Of The Earth
Mystery Guest - The Redeemer
Ruf Dug - Inward Conversion Process
Baronhawk - Phickle Pickle
Galcher Lustwerk - Another Story (Another Version)
Saine - Gound Loop (Fouk Remix)
Electric Street Orchestra - Scorpio
Glenn Astro & Hodini - Wiggum & Lloyd
LT - Rest Assured
Cymande - Pon De Dungle
Nu Guinea - Howls (feat. Tony Allen)
Zafra - This Cat's on Fire
Archetype - A Mental Image
DJ Guy - Jan 1996 X3R R100 Side B - TRK 4
TOWA TEI - Technova (La em Copacabana)
Chakachas - Jungle Fever
Fantasy 3 - Jump on it (It's Your Rock Instrumental)
Alan Parson's Project - Lucifer
Cinema - New Girl Now
Ten City - Destiny
Cymande - Brothers on the Slide
Janet Kay - Eternally Grateful (Unreleased Dub Mix)
The Rift Valley Brothers - Mu Africa
Mbiri Young Stars - Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe
Glenn Astro & Hodini - Oha!
Lil'T & Big Sexy - Gogo Juice (Lee Curtiss Remix)
Pleasure Cruiser - Ecstasy
Endgames - First, Last For Everything (Club Version)
Midnight Riders meets Naram - America
Midnight Riders meets Naram - Party Nextdoor
Alpha Steppa + Ras Divarius - Dear Friend
Sunun - Lately Dub
Gaudi with Adrian Sherwood - Dub's Nine Lives
Abu Ama - B!n Ladens Funeral Fiesta
Hnry & Adeller - Thibum
Pata de Perro ft. IZADORÂ - Xoloitzcuintle (El Extravagante Remix)
Hita Del Cid - Huari
Kurup - Opium Gait
Sarmacja - Smok
Erol Alkan - Sub Conscious (Manfredas Stream Of Consciousness)
AMEN the Producer - Blinded by the Light
Double Geography - Golden Pothos
Toribio - Swett
Tristan Arp - Reflex
Chiara - Rec
The Woodleigh Research Facility - Tongues
Planet Battagon - Endeavor IX Tugg Luke
The Diabolical Liberties - River of Sound
MC Palakata+ Tom Blip - Singeli Jungles
Ebony Steel Band - computer love
Double Geography - Yucca
Michael and Spider - Adventures of a Pack Rat
The Woodleigh Research Facility - Substation Glow
Fray Mysterio - Separation Anxiety
Double Geography - Dracaena
D. Tiffany - Caught in the Illusion
Damaged Bug - I Tried
Damaged Bug - Lovely Gold
JARV Is - Sometimes I Am Pharoah
Girobabies - Fetching Pitchfork
Chelique Sarabia - Maracaibo En La Noche
Jon Hassell - Cool Down
The Woodleigh Research Facility - At Depth
Primal Scream - Don't fight it, feel it (Scat Mix)
Daft Punk - Instant Crush [Feat. Julian Casablancas]
Happy Mondays - Hallelujah Extended Dub (Ewan Pearson Remix)
Eris Drew - Fluids of Emotion
Vanessa Worm - Tiny Revolutions
CHAII - Lightswitch
Badge Epoque Ensemble - You Can Build a Place, or you can please people
Contour - Go Away [Strawberry Switchblade Cover]
The Beths - Don't Go Away
Pixies - I've Been Tired
Fontaines D.C. - Living In America
Tijuana Panthers - Car Crash
Transistor - Nothing New
Psychemagik - Triumph Of The Gods - Richard Norris Remix
Maria Minerva - Wake Up In NYC
Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
Ty Segall - My Lady's On Fire
DUAL - Lately I Don't Know [Gum & Ginoli Remix]
박혜진 Park Hye Jin - Can you
Lithics - An Island
Same Name Confusion - ESP (Telepathy)
Wiri Donna - Wandering Willies
Jorge Elbrecht - Ancient Grief
Gordon Koang - South Sudan [Edit]
Nebula - To The Center
Girl Friday - Public Bodies
Moon Duo - Planet Caravan
Amamelia - Sad and Lonely feat. Junny
Videotapemusic - Tokyo Luv Story (Souvenir Version)
Mark Pritchard - Circle Of Fear
Atili - Subterranean Exodus feat: Pupajim & Biga*Ranx (Panda Dub Remix)
Ekiti Sound - ADHD
Keleketla! - Future Toyi Toyi
Injektah - Dancehall Traditions feat: Tenor Youthman
Reggae Roast - Turn Up The Heat feat: Top Cat
Lonnie Holley - Like Hell Broke Away
Baby Zionov - Sudoku Class feat. Chansey
Tame Impala - Breathe Deeper
Roy Ayers, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Soulful and Unique
Khruangbin - So We Won't Forget
Jonathan Bree - Until We're Done
Drop Zone - Run and Run
REPAIRS - Pop Song
Protomartyr - June 21
Lawrence Arabia - Travelling Shoes
Anthonie Tonnon - Water Underground [Live]
Babyfather - MANNA feat. John Glacier & Vegyn
Randa - Octopus
Maxine Funke - through the trees
Shawn Lee - Kiss the Sky
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - All For The Cash
Ken Boothe - Is It Because I'm Black
Charles Bradley - Changes
Sweeping Promises - Hunger for a Way Out
Wax Chattels - No Ties
Mitski - Cop Car
Phodiso - Running Lines
PINTY - Go to Bed Pt. 2
Eris Drew - Fluids of Emotion
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Amamelia - Give Me Space feat. Junny
Comanchaca - Bong
Kate Owen - The Void
Race Banyon - We Need It
Bon Iver - 22 (OVER S∞∞N)
Exploding Flowers - I Need Your Devotion