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Putting the b Back in Fambly

The Simplicity bCard is back and brimming with bountiful bCard bEnefits! The new Simplicity bCard is your entry into the bosom of the bFM Fambly: it's a monthly subscription where you donate a small, regular amount and in return we give you stuff. It’s win win!

You get: the chance to win hot prizes; exclusive *content*; the sense of deep personal wellbeing that comes from knowing you’re supporting Auckland’s last great bastion of independent music, independent broadcasting, and not being shit; PLUS the chance to add ‘philanthropist’ to your dating profile.

We get: the support and stability to continue to produce that sweet, sweet *content* that you love so much; and the chance to snuggle you all in that little bit closer.
There are three tiers of giving, so whether you’re flat broke or Mr. Daryl Moneybags, you can still get involved.

Simplicity is: NZ's fastest growing KiwiSaver plan, saving its members more than $4.7 million a year in fees. Simplicity is non-profit, Kiwi-owned, and doesn't invest in fossil-fuel extraction, nuclear weapons, or any of that other sketchy stuff. Switch over in two minutes. Simple.


$4.20 /month
The chance to win rad on air giveaways and enter big grand prize draws
Deals and discounts from our corporate buddies
Free entry into "exclusive" bFM special events


$9.50 /month
Everything from Tweeter
You'll be the first to know about our massive grand prize draws. We'll let you know the details and you'll be entered automatically.


$100 /month
Everything from Tweeter & Squawker
Your name, link, and logo proudly emblazoned on the "Friends of bFM" webpage

Get your Simplicity bCard here