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Steve Cournane - Andy and Viv

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The 95bFM Top Ten

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

This wk Last wk Artist Title NZ Artist
1 - Night Lunch House Full of Shit
2 2 Swallow The Rat Don't
3 3 deepState Sunrise
4 - AP & Kamahumble Heka Horcy
5 - Anthonie Tonnon Entertainment
6 1 PollyHill Sweepstake feat. Church
7 4 Aroha L2K [Luke Alessi Remix]
8 10 Janina Nana Yaa Oya feat. AshTreJinkins
9 - Pink & White Terraces Lost Brothers (Tuākana Ngaro)
10 - Sheep, Dog & Wolf Deep Crescents

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