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Today ony your bFM Breakfast: We're back, with another beautiful sunrise and some good tunes to kickstart your Tuesday; a tricky round of Second Guessing to stretch your brain noodle; His Worship catches up with Rachel about the drought, and what we might expect to see post-lockdown; Leith's on the line to talk about his new project, Impossible Nightstand; Sam's talking about Tiger King, the doco-series that everyone's been talking about; and Chelsea Jade's on the line all the way from the US to share a new single with us. 

Waxahatchee - Oxbow
Willie J Healey - True Stereo
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nuclear Fusion
Laura Marling - Held Down
Yves Tumor - Dream Palette
The Go-Betweens - Love Goes On!
Diggy Dupé - Keke Boy
Miss June - Twitch
Moses Boyd - Y.O.Y.O.
Yaeji - WHAT WE DREW 우리가 그려왔던
Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice
Impossible Nightstand - Posterity
Soulwax - Essential Four
Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
Repulsive Woman - Some Body
Quelle Chris & Chris Keys - SACRED SAFE feat. Merrill Garbus, Cavalier & Homeboy Sandman
DIIV - Blankenship
Habibi - The World Ain't Round, It's Square
Ty Segall - Coconut
Chelsea Jade - Super Fan
Merk - Ash & Sand
Ranil - Cumbia Sin Nombre
The Beths - Great No One
Lunar Ra - Cerebral Heartbeat
The Students - Students in Summer
FAX - Animal Life
Top of the Poppers - Wuthering Heights
Secret Metal - The Cop
Ozark - Fight For Your Rights
Wilderness - The End of Mystery
Michele Mercure - No More Law In Gotham City
Michel Gonet - Police Suspense
Turid - Going to Prison
Phil Ochs - Love Me, I'm a Liberal
Oracy - The Weight Don't Make Things No Lighter
The Watts Prophets - Pain
Pygmy Unit - Where The Dreams are Kept
Ahuabrum - The Technical Means for Simulating UFO Encounters are Available
Fourth World Magazine - Inectlightduct Encounter
Darwin Gross - Oh, How I Love The Blessed Sugmad
Howard Menger - Theme To The Song of Saturn
The Voices of Walter Schumann - Arrival at Venus, New Sensations
Charmer - Mesozoic Mind
Diplodocus - Tanystropheus' Reign
C. Newman - The Dinosaurs' Quartet
Coen Bais - Scary Friends
Jean-Luc Hellere - Time Slide
Lustt - Pillow Talk
Magic In Threes - Blowfly 1980 
Bobby Thurston - Treat Me The Same Way 
Hal Bradbury - You Win, I Lose 
Rodney Franklin - Felix Leo 
The Isley Brothers -  I'll Do It All For You
Beau Williams - If You're Ready 
Kwick - Nightlife 
Breakwater - Feel Your Way 
The Brief Encounter - Get A Good Feeling
E.J. Stamp - I Know All About It 
Trevor Bastow - Integration 
Freekwency Ft. Ale Chambers - Living in a Lie 
Klymaxx -  Love Bandit 
Laurice Hudson - Feel My Love 
Crown Heights Affair - Your Love Makes Me Hot 
Khemistry - I Can't Loose With the Stuff I Use 
Neddy Smith - Liberated Woman 
Bobby M - Charlie's Backbeat 
Tom Browne - Bye Gones 
The Isley Brothers - Say You Will (Live) 
Truth - Touch Me 
Midnight Star - You Can't Stop Me 
Bobby Boyd - Girl Like You 
Brief Encounter - Open up Your Heart 
Nathaniel Best - Call Him
Doug Parkinson's Southern Star Band - Midnite Sky 
Toto Mugabe - Samba De Vanguarda 
Ghalib Ghallab - You Give Me A 'lil' Loving 
C.C. & Co. - When 
Kwesi - Freedom Of The Mind 
Dez-Art & Stoney Ground - Party All Night 
Ivy - Say You Will 
Marius Cultier - Baby Baby Whouah 
God's Gospel Angels - Call Him Up 
Carole Walker - Rejoice
Followers Of Christ - You Can Be A Winner 
Joan Bibiloni Band - The Boogie 
Keith Nunnally - Seasons Of Love 
High Life - Switch Hitter 

A THREE hour Rahui special! Thanks so much to everyone for their calls, and thank you for being so patient; we can't answer calls while the songs and stories are playing so we're not getting through them as quickly as we normally do.