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Te Radar & The NZSO - Peter and the Wolf

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Set lists

The Aotearoa Music Special 

Golden Harvest - Nite Lite
Aardijah - Your Love Is Blind
Low Profile - Simple Dreams
Obscure Desire - Obscure Desire (English Radio Mix)
Ludvigson & Gash - Ullang Jr
Jim'N'Joe - A Place To Hang His Hat (Hatless Mix)
Noah Slee - COMPLICIT feat. Pnksand, Mike Nasa
Bird Of Paradise - Black Sand
Team Dynamite - The Reason
Church & AP - Church On A Sunday
Eno & Dirty - Seki
Dam Native - Behold My Kool Style
Kamahumble - Do Ya Thing
Riki Pirihi & Alistair Fraser - VI
Schnell Fenster - This Illusion
Shocking Pinks - Love Hate
Jonathan Bree - Say You Love Me Too
Trephines - Neon High Rise
The Bats - Joe's Again
Let's Planet - Blood Of One
EVerything That Flies - As The Sun Goes Down
Snakes - Say It
Sharon O'Neill - Southern Blues
TE KAAHU - Waikato
DalyanRD & Mapili - US
deepState - Redux [Van Staden and Bohm Remix]
The Forbin Project - POWDER RUN
Eden Burns - Big Beat Manifesto
Borrowed CS - 808 Brooklyn
Tina Cross - Shortland Street Theme [The Club Mix]
Straw People - Blue
Ray Woolf - Be My Baby
Marlon Williams - My Boy
Dave Dobbyn W Herb - Slice Of Heaven (Music Mix)
Shane - Total Man

This week's show is a NZ Music Month all NZ music special. Featuring Sam's favourite tracks from his time at 95bFM. Sam also pays tribute to the late Joe Hawke who died this week. 

Flamingo Pier - Last Call feat. Nathan Haines & KÉDU [Radio Edit]
Anthonie Tonnon - Entertainment
Fimo - Falling For You
Average Rap Band - Pool Side
No Broadcast - Away
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Major League Chemicals
Troy Kingi - Eyes at 80 Fathoms
DalyanRD & Mapili - US
Rizván - GET UP feat. BeNZa
SWIDT - Every Weekend
TE KAAHU - Pai Maarire
Mara TK - Colours
Connan Mockasin / Devonte Hynes - Feelin' Lovely
Bailey Wiley - Still On My Mind
Phoebe Rings - January Blues
Herbs - What's Be Happen?
Julien Dyne - The More I Get the Less I Have to Pay
Cut Off Your Hands - Higher Lows and Lower Highs
Ingrid and the Ministers - Boofhead
Merk - I'm Easy
The Beths - Don't Go Away
Hans Pucket - Old U Vs The New U
Fazerdaze - Take It Slow
HIGH HOOPS - Other Lover (feat. Spycc)
Manuel Darquart - Just Be Faithful (To Me)
Taste Nasa - Endless Dreams
Jonathan Bree - You Are The Man

Doubting Thomas’s - It’s Just A Dream
Cassette - Close To Me
Double Happys - Needles & Plastic
Ocean Beach - Cigarettes & Champagne
Coconut Rough - Sierra Leone
Screaming Meemees - See Me Go
Supergroove - You Freak Me
The Black Seeds - Keep On Pushing (Workshop Re-Dub)
Hallelujah Picassos - Snakeman’s Cry
Skank Attack - Harvest Of Shame
The Surge - New Horizon
The Dum Dum Boys - Running Scared
Sommerset - Say What You Want
Ermehn - Slappin’ MC
Maitreya - Waitaha
Tiki - Now This Is It (State Of Mind remix)
Jean-Paul Satre Experience - Elemental
HDU - Schallblute
The Great Unwashed - Neck Of The Woods
No Tag - Legalised Dogs
Shihad - Gimme Gimme
Wilberforces - Paradise Beach
Strawpeople - Trick With A Knife
Rhian Sheehan - An Afternoon On The Moon
Headless Chickens - Totalling Dad’s Car
Fetus Productions - State To Be In
Skeptics - Mamouth
Lanky - Wait

Cut Off Your Hands - Blue Smoke Draft
Christoph El Truento & Lucky Lance - Morning Thunder
Kōtiro - All the Little Birds
Memory Foam - Choo Choo Train feat. Baby Zionov
Jonathan Bree - You Are The Man
F.A.I.R.Y - Business Man
Ripship - Plume on Europa
Aidan Fine - Something New
Vera Ellen - Crack The Whip
Frances Libeau - A Good Thing
TE KAAHU - Pai Maarire
Flo Wilson - Prelude to a Requiem at Sumner Food Forest
deepState - Redux [Van Staden and Bohm Remix]
JPSE - I Like Rain
Borrowed cs - Straight Shooter
N.T. Honey - Road Rage
Grecco Romank - Dog Head
Wiri Donna - Being Alone
The Mint Chicks - Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
Noah Slee - Healing
Revulva - Blood
Mokotron - TAWHITO
The Androidss - Auckland Tonight

Full Aotearoa set for music week! <3

The Mutton Birds - Anchor Me
Dresser - Bystand
Bailter Space - Splat
The Veils - Nux Vomica
The Naenae Express - Vegetables
Troy Kingi - He Hua i Kore Ai
Soft Plastics - Loozer
The Swingers - Counting The Beat
Soaked Oats - Houdini (Live)
Tokyo Prose - Lift You Up (feat. Steo) (Satl Remix)
The Clean - Tally Ho!
Connan Mockasin - Con Conn Was Impatient
Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy
Xani Hall - Intuition
Emmanuelle - Youth Serum
Womb - Love
New Gum Sarn - Small Boys
Hans Pucket - Straight to My Heart
Van Staden & Böhn - Spirit Level
the feelers - Venus
Prince Tui Teka - E Ipo
Voom - We’re so Lost
Hans. - Sister
nic and reuben - On The Go
Marlin's Dreaming - Outwards crying
salvia palth - i was all over her
Backward Yard - Loser