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Grawlixes - Dalliance

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Set lists

Stereolab - The Super It
Deb5000 - Bad Guts
Tirzah - Tectonic [Edit]
Dartz - Pray for Prey
The Black Keys - Everlasting Light
Salmonella Dub - Madness
Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine
Anika - Critical
Roots Manuva - Witness (1 Hope)
Repulsive Woman - Julia Knows Beauty
Alfa Mist - Teki
Passion Pit - The Reeling
Jay-Z - Brooklyn Go Hard ft Santogold
Tame Impala - Keep On Lying
Andrés - New For U [Live]
Erorrist - The Destruction Of A Legacy
Impatiens - Scene At The River
Liliane Chlela - Charr
Chance - Insomnie Conjugale
Abul-Loul the Singer and the Hole - Nar El Ghera
recsund - Viktors Swing
bela - Falter
DRONE OPERATØR - Gpsaugury feat. Rhizome Parking Garage
Treglia - Interferon
arad acid - koch metish (exael remix)
Healion - About Breathing
Special Guest DJ - Makeout Dub
Philanthropist - Things You Said With Your Eyes
Simon Chioini - Reservoir III
La Fe - Axctal
Dugong - Loire
Significant Other - Second Skin
Big Ever - Rolled Into
OK EG - Alkaline
NVST - Breakos Blancos [Falling Callmesnoop DJ Interpretation]
rRoxymore - Drum Liberation
Komb - Harbin
Kamus - Wallace
Yoshitaka Hikawa - 6RLL
Roy Mills - The News
K Wata - What do u want [soft mix]
anthéne - trailing clouds
Young Thug - Raw
Bad Friend - Panic Attack
Womb - Dust to Dust
Louisa Nicklin - Moving Slow
Fat Freddy's Drop - Shady
The Nudge & Troy Kingi - He Ōrite
Green Grove - Mog's House
Race Banyon - Only Sixteen
Lord Echo - Thinking of You
Phoebe Rings - Cheshire
Clear Path Ensemble - Jerry's Funk
Aaradnah, Savage - They Don't Know
Goldenhorse - Run Run Run
Spring Break - No Tengo Dinero
Leno Lovecraft - Paradise Planet
Chaos In The Cbd, Mongo Skato - Brainstorm
Crone - Crush
Nice Girl - Ipsum
Muirs - Skuqz
Sulfate - Crossing
This Kind Of Punishment - From the Diary of Hermann Doubt
TOOMS - Greatest Hits
NASDAQ - Profit Margin
asta rangu - skip on trak one
PollyHill - Morse Code
Samara Alofa - 111
Mokotron - TATAU O TE PO
Coco Solid - Diamond Nail ft. T H 1 R S T 3 E N
bb gurl - Outta Me
alexa casino - Stars feat. WOMB
Vanessa Worm - Bones and Blood
Fanau Spa - Leather and Wood
Brown Boy Magik, Coco Solid - Touch
Wax Chattels - In My Mouth
Unsanitary Napkin - Modern Alpha
Shepherds Reign - Aiga
Moa and the Moa Hunters - Tahi - Dance Mix
King Kapisi - Screams from Da Old Plantation
Oceania - Kotahitanga (Union)
AP & Kamahumble - Heka Horcy
Orange Juice - Rip It Up
LIPS - I C U Wanna Know
Phoebe Rings - Spissky
Darwin Deez - Bad Day
Stereolab - Ping Pong
A Blunt Jester - Cat Door
No Romance - Unfold
Proteins of Magic - Hopeful Symphony
Thom Yorke - Volk (Suspiria Soundtrack)
Thom Yorke - Open Again
Fat Freddy's Drop - Shady
deepState - Redux
Kraftwerk - Tour de France (Etape 2)
Grawlixes - Dalliance
Soaked Oats - Shuggah Doom
French For Rabbits - The Overflow
Grecco Romank - Get To Work