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Koizilla - Let's Go Camping

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Set lists

New Zealand Music Month and Kiwi music all the way. Kirsten plays some of the best local tunes, more next time there's so much great local music. Bernie added his two cents worth then sat on the couch and snoozed....

Into the East - On the Run
The Frank Burkitt Band - Paint the Town
Swampland - Honest Man
Bernie Griffen and The Thin Men - I Fell Out of the Sky
Katie Thompson - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
Marlon Williams - Vampire Again
Brendan & Alison Turner - Ghost of a Friend
The Broadsides - What's Your Name
Donna Dean - Tyre Tracks and Broken Hearts
Pacific Curls - Rangimarie
TEEKS - E Kore Rawa E Wehe / Never Be Apart
Marlon Williams - I'm Lost Without You
Allison Durbin - Little Girl Go Home
Lawrence Arabia (feat. Tiny Ruins) - Everything's Minimal
Aaradhna - Lorena Bobbit
Sandy Edmonds - Daylight Savings Time
Max Merritt & The Meteors - She's Everything I Wanted You To Be
The Mystics - Panic
The Keil Isles (feat Herma Keil) - Come On and Get Me
Four Fours - Trucking Blues
Soul Agents - For My Woman
Hopetoun Brown - Put It Down
The La De Da's - Jump Back
The Action - Hound Dog
The Underdogs - I'm A Crosscut Saw
The' Dudes - Tonight Again
The Pleazers - I'm Movin' On
Rim D. Paul & The Quin Tikis - Poi Poi Twist
Jay Epae - Putti Putti
John Goodare & The Beatnicks - I Begin to Like
Tami Neilson - Sister Mavis
Johnny Devlin - Rocket In My Pocket
The Breakaways - Baby Please Don't Go
Jimmy Sloggett - Crossfire
King Loser - Misirlou
The Gremlins - Blast off 1970
The Chants R&B - Early In The Morning
Sandy Edmonds - This Empty Place
Ounce - Phobos
Golden Harvest - Mrs. G
The 'N Betweens - Far Away
Dalvanius & The Fascinations - Canberra We're Watching You
The Johnny Rocco - Funky Max
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Shakedown Street
Troy Kingi - Time Lapsium Gangtasium
Teremoana - What's Going On
Bailey Wiley (feat MELODOWNZ) - Sugar

Tom plays an array of sounds work produced during our glorious lockdown period, all of course, by NZ artists in line with New Zealand Music Month, albeit not all based within our moated island. Zak Argabryte is one of them. and he phones in from NYC, including inevitable discussion of the current safety differences between our respective locations. Loyalty to peers in crisis is a thing.

Amamelia - Sad and Lonely feat. Junny
Ryan Fisherman - How Cool
Jonathan Bree - In The Sunshine
Archi Banal - crazy jenny
recycleifpossible - igneous
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - SB-07 Pt.1
Team Dynamite - Who? feat. Diggy Dupé
The New Loungehead - Cloth ft Sulata
Koizilla - Let's Go Camping
Crap Date - Too Late
Die! Die! Die! - Shyness Will Get You Nowhere
Church & AP - War Outside
i.e. Crazy - You're a Stranger (To Me Now)
The Nudge - Dark Arts
Wax Chattels - Gillian
CHAII - Trouble

Nice to get a bit of rain! 

For New Zealand music week we played a bunch of the finalists for the NZ Children's Music Awards, which will be streaming live on TV2+1 on Friday, 29th May at 3pm.

Duncan Morrison - Jasper the Puppy
Tanya Battt - Chickira Queen of the Chickens
Eddie Spaghetti - Wake Up, Wake Up
Big Al Ammo - Tony the Tiny Pony
The Moe Show - Another Year of You
Aro - Korimako
Captain Festus McBoyle - Bubble Song
Kath Bee - I Love Life
Te Radar - Peter and the Wolf
The Nukes - Worms
Garageland - Fingerpops
JPSE - Into You
Skeptics - Sheen of Gold
King Cannons - Call For Help
Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat
Voom - B Your Boy
Avantdale Bowling Club - To Live and Die in AD [Live]
King Loser - Stairway to Heaven
Ghost Wave - Sunsetter
The MurderChord - Are You Pretty Enough
Dimmer - I Believe You Are A Star
Bailter Space - Your Invisible Life
The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else
Headless Chickens - Soulcatcher
Marlon Williams - Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore (with Aldous Harding)
The Chills - Pink Frost
The Bats - North By North
Hallelujah Picassos - Who Do You Love_
The Checks - Take Me There
Shaft - The Downhill Racer
Shihad - Pacifier
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi Love
Reduction Agents - 80s Celebration
The Gordons - Coalminer's Song
Lorde - Supercut