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The Bug - Vexed feat. Moor Mother

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Set lists

Habibi - The Breeze
Cat Power - Bad Religion (Frank Ocean cover)
Vera Ellen - It's Your Birthday
Michael Llewellyn - Sunny Dayzzz feat. Violet Hirst
Oceans Before Me - Carry On The Walk
Tara Clerkin Trio - In Spring
Fanfickk - Feel Better
Lilith - Gardener
The Sound - Heartland
christoph el' truento - orbit
Leaping Tiger - Gooey
Able Tasmans - The Shape Of Dolls
CRUSH - Fantasy Fiction
Reb Fountain - Invisible Man
Freddy Reynold - Flirt feat. Jujulipps
Freddy Reynold - When I'm On
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
Julia Shapiro - Zorked
Dateline - Such a Bitch
Arca - Incendio
Tonstartssbandht - Pass Away
Ouri - Felicity feat. Anthony Carle
Bad Taste; Alphabethead; Young Gho$t - Wheel Of Pain
Garageland - Beelines To Heaven
Albert Stone - Like Cezanne feat. William Wallets [Prod. Nat Lover]
Miss Leading - Self Help
Race Banyon - Attention
The KVB - Unité
Yeule - Don't Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty
BUB - King of Wands
Bonobo - Rosewood
CHAII - Get It Done
christoph el' truento - orbit
King Softy - Drembot feat. Yuki
Marlin's Dreaming - Sink or Swim
Lunavela - Six-out-of-Ten Friend
Vera Ellen - The Language of Flowers
Wale - The Opening Title Sequence
Noname - Forever (ft. Ravyn Lenar & Joseph Chilliams)
Mission of Burma - Outlaw
george michael - Kissing a Fool

Thanks to Finn for another great show last week!

This week we continue with our chapter book, Roald Dahl's The BFG, chat about beach trips and Neve and Esme talk to a special guest!

Roald Dahl - The BFG (ch 8-10)
Little Ripples - Haere mai ki te whariki
Top Twins - She'll be coming 'round the mountain
Dan & Dani - Do The Dinosaur Stomp!
Ruth Krauss - The Carrot Seed
Tanya Batt - Roll My Pumpkin
The Jungle Book - I Wanna' Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
Alan Gregg - Grandma Says Oo-hoo!
Kath Bee - Pear Picking
Pipi Ma - Ka rare aku poi
Levity beet - I'm not scared
The Muppets - Mahna Mahna
Belle & Sebastian - The Monkeys Are Breaking Out The Zoo
Spike Milligan - Bad Jelly The Witch
Bunny Racket - Chicken is not a fruit
Max Bygraves - Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen by the Sea
Lycia / Jarvis Cocker - Monsoon I (Anticipation) / Mirrors by David Eagleman
Chuck Senrick - Don't Be So Nice
skymning - Lost a Friend
Tara Clerkin Trio - In Spring
Big Hard Excellent Fish - Imperfect List Pt. III
Anthony Naples - Chameleon
Love Apple - Man on the Side
Moonfish - Mahi Mahi feat. Maria Chiara Argiró & Riccardo Chiaberta
Zas - I Love My Body [A Side Version]
Dead Can Dance - Mesmerism
The Replacements - Johnny's Gonna Die [Live in Minneapolis 1981]
Cate Le Bon - Running Away
The Cure - If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Deftones - Digital Bath
Shamir - Gay Agenda
christoph el' truento - summer in the city
Love Spirals Downwards - City Moon
Tstewart - Buena
Cornershop - Natch
Proc Fiskal - Leith Tornn Carnal
deep tan - tamu's yiffing refuge
Hugh Mane - Out in the Ether
Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul - Thank You
Liquid Liquid - Bellhead
Mogambo - Dando Vueltas
TSHA - Power

Badbadnotgood - City Of Mirrors

Wiki - New Truths

Emily Wells - Two Dogs Tethered Inside

Vera Ellen - Telegram 2

Julia Shaprio - Wrong Time

Rejoicer - Coliformia

Fort Romeau - Ramona

Charlie OPI - It’s Quite Painful Even Still

Lily Konigsberg - Proud Home

Ausecuma Beats - Tombo

Pete Herbert - Big Bubbles​.​. (PH Version)

Aksel & Aino - Reykjavik [Bell Towers Remix]

Myele Manzanza - The People's Changes

Dinner - Connection (feat Molly Burch)

Black Country New Road - Chaos Space Marine

Satomimagae - Dots 

Karl Steven - Tamaki 5000

Kadum - Mystic Flow 

Marissa Nadler - Couldn’t Have Done The Killing

Bambara - Mythic Love

Snail Mail - Ben Franklin

Luke Buda - I’m A Bit Out of Shape

Kit Sebastian - Inertia

Kaytranada - LALALA (demo)

Christoph El Truento - orbit

Games - 4.0

Moody V & The Menstrual Cycle - New Madonnas

Skymning - Te Po

Infuso Giallo - The Big Rip

Long Player with Bad Taste

Nick Leon - Blue Data

Adam Tukiri - Little Man