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95bFM bCard FAQs

Hey there bud, what’s on your mind? Looks like you’ve got some questions. Well, take a load off, we’ve got all the answers you need right here.


How do I change my credit card?

NB: your credit card details are held by Windcave (formerly Payment Express), not 95bFM

  • Log in to your bCard at
  • Click ‘Sign up for a bCard’ at
  • Scroll down, select your subscription level, and click ‘Subscribe’
  • You will be taken to the sign up page where your details will be pre-filled
  • Scroll down, click ‘Sign up now’
  • You will be taken to Windcave where you can update your credit card details


How do I update my details?


Will I get a physical bCard?

  • No, the bCard is online-only


How do I cancel my bCard?


How can I reset my password?


Can I change bCard subscription level?

You will need to cancel your current bCard, and sign up again at your preferred subscription level


Still curious? For any other questions, chuck us an email at