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Set lists

Paul Horn - Shah Jahan
Iti Bubbas - Arrival
Tinashe - Gravity
SELA. - it's not forever (theme)
Borrowed CS - Method Of Groove
Amel Larrieux - For Real (Jihad Muhammad Remix)
deepState - Now That You're Gone
Proteins of Magic - Flesh It Out
Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet - Ride
Goat - Unemployment Office
Sea Mouse - Weedwacker
K M T P - First Date
Yussef Dayes - Tioga Pass (feat. Rocco Palladino)
Eartheater - Chop Suey
Abyss X - Never Apart (feat. Juliana Huxtable)
Earth - Angels (The Bug Remix feat. Flowdan)
Tirzah - 2 D I C U V
fiyahdred - Wining Train
Nihiloxica - Kudistro
Iti Bubbas - Idiot Check
IA - Ngā Reo feat. Te Kahu Rolleston
SKILAA - Money feat. Guilty Simpson
Jujulipps - Airplane Mode
Clementine Valentine - The Rope
Erny Belle - Unchained
Null Object - Glacial Field [Amamelia Remix]
Mechatok - Agency Loop
Mechatok - U.D.G.
mobilegirl - Yellow (Mechatok Remix)
Bladee / Mechatok / Charlie XCX - Drama
Whitearmour / Mechatok - Sunset Beach
Elle Teresa - Tick Tock
Iti Bubbas - We Can Go There
Overmono - Blow Out
Peter Cat Recording Co. - Memory Box
Nina Simone - Baltimore
Gramatik - The Monolith
The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us
Slowdive - alife
Trio - Da da da, ich lieb' dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha
Liquid Liquid - Optimo
CAN - Vitamin C
DJ Shadow - Right Thing / GDMFSOB
Princess Chelsea - Love Is More
Dry Cleaning - Scratchcard Lanyard
Karl Steven - The Message [Grecco Romank Remix]
Bobby Hughes Combination - Microneseren
Arc De Soleil - Loop Drive
Black Belt Eagle Scout - On The River
Black Belt Eagle Shout - Spaces
Melody Fields - Hallelujah
Feist - 1234
Dur-Dur Band - Yabaal
DUSTY & GHOS - 96' BULLS Feat. Brandn Shiraz, MELODOWNZ
La Caution - Thé à la menthe (The Lazer Dance Version) [Instrumental]
Serebii - Lost Your Breath
Laurel Halo - Dr. Echt
Mermaidens - I like to be alone
Happy Mondays, Paul Oakenfold - W.F.L. (Think About The Future Mix)
Carol Kim, Saigon Supersound - Tình Ta Như Lửa Đơm Hoa
LCD Soundsystem - american dream

El Remolón - Caminando (Tribilin Sound Remix)
Creation Rebel - Swiftly (The Right One)
The Bug - Floored(Point of impact)
Biggabush - Black Swan Revival (Robot Riddims Hurting A Different Style Instrumental Remix)
Creation Rebel - That’s More Like It
Cousin - On2
SidiRum - Ex-Plane
Tribilin Sound - La Cumbia De Octavio (Señor Chancho Remix)
The Other Others - Daze Days
SidiRum - Total Interior
Charlotte Bendiks - Steikesexual
e-freq/Last Magpie/DJ Haus - State of Peace
Girls Chat Room - We Got Those Faces
Woodleigh Research Facility - Rattly Old Puffin (YADICK4 - 2016)
inner flight - Rainbow Falls
Entrañas - Obstinado
Low End Activist - Gossip Is The Devil's Radio
Jook - Gold Rush (EVA808 Diamond Version)
Prins Emanuel - Gli Ornamenti... (U20 Mix)
Pletnev - Vertigo
Roe Deers - Warm
whø? - 6:38AM
Mind Over Rhythm - Kubital Footstorm (Richard Sen Remix)
Saeko Killy - Alt!
Entidad Animada - Las luces de Phoenix
Seb Wildblood/Laraaji - slice
Abduletif Jemal - Mal Ameni (Version 2) [feat. Nick Manasseh]
Omar Khorshid - Ezkoreny (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)  
Deena Abdelwahed - The Key to the Exit
Irreversible Entanglements - Free Love
Alabaster DePlume - Broken Again
Entidad Animada - Periquito Gomaespuma
Alabaster DePlume - Give Me Away
Tirzah - Promises

95bFM Drive with Jonny & Corey: 19 September, 2023

Speedometer - Kashmir
DLT feat: Rascalz - Can't Be Stopped
Roni Size, Reprazent, Bahamadia - New Forms
Helmet - In The Meantime
The Sorcerers - Summoning the Monkey God - 45 Edit
Yussef Dayes - Afro Cubism
Sababa 5, Shiran Tzfira - Sei Yona - Manqo Remix
MACEY - Night Out (feat. Molly Payton)
The Chemical Brothers - Skipping Like a Stone (ft. Beck)
Head Like A Hole - Nevermind Today
Karl Steven - The Message [Grecco Romank Remix]
Mi-Sex - People
Serebii - Lost Your Breath
Hemi Hemingway - Don' Wana Hurt U
Proteins of Magic - Flesh It Out
K M T P - First Date
deepState - Now That You're Gone
Mermaidens - I like to be alone
Jujulipps - Airplane Mode
Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet - Ride
Persian - Zatoichi's Troubles
North Satellite - Evil
Amiracle - Believe
Peter King - One Shot of Vodka
Hidrogenesse - Rubianes en el espacio
Hidrogenesse - Empanadilla de Móstoles
Hidrogenesse - Miss Jones Hula Hoop (Brujerías jotas)
Blood Sisters - Ring My Bell
Dubkasm - Enter the Dub
DOPE LEMON - Miami Baby
Ghost Woman - Alright Alright
Wellness - Beach
Jujulipps - Airplane Mode
Bulat & Dyshat - Bilbilim (The Organism Remix)
Blunt dog - Eshy Biang Biang
Dictaphone Blues - No Beef
TE TOKOTORU - Te Hekenga
Husband Material - Limbo
Ethimm - Choices (Fuga Ronto Remix
Toyin Agbetu - Heartbreaker feat: Nemesis & Rosaline Joyce
The Illustrious Blacks - Kaleidoscopic Planet (Extended Mix)
Spirit Garden - Electra City
Mirror Tree - 300 Miles
Geneva AM - IHO
Fazerdaze - Bigger
D.C. Maxwell - Out Stealing Horses
Shooless - Journey To Nazareth
Ringlets - Sever
DUSTY & GHOS - 96' BULLS Feat. Brandn Shiraz, MELODOWNZ
Silas Futura - CTRL S Ft. Fable
Hauser - The Fear
Remy Martin - I Want You
DLT feat: Rascalz - Can't Be Stopped
Otara Millionaires Club - We R The O.M.C.
Dick Move - Feel Better