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Cindy Lee - Diamond Jubilee

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Set lists

Camera Obscura - We're Going To Make It In A Man's World
The Lemon Twigs - Church Bells
Emma Russack - Everything Is Big
Caroline Polachek - Starburned and Unkissed
Crystal Egg - What Money?
Fontaines D.C. - Starburster
christoph el' truento - Pīwari (Gumboot Joe Version)
The Native Cats - Kay Carroll
Earth Tongue - Grave Pressure
Lionlimb - Dream of You feat. Angel Olsen
Eyedress - Okanagan Lake feat. Daryl Johns & Horse Morrison
Ty Segall - Night of the Vampire [Roky Erickson Cover]
Richard Tripps - Blue Eyed Open Sky
How Get - Te Tai Pari
Cara Beth Satalino - Volvo Station Wagon
The Cat's Miaow - The Phoebe I Know (original cassette version)
Carb on Carb - 2009
Carb on Carb - I Know the End 2
Family Band - Shib's Disco
Daisy Rickman - Sunflowers Of Your Mind
Washed Out - New Theory
Repairs - LYLAS
Archi Banal - Mind Is Dumb
Baby Zionov - Clubbing in the Time of Cholera [deepState PureRave Remix]
Keepsakes - Scene Analysis
Deerhunter - Nosebleed
Tashi Wada - Subaru feat. Julia Holter
Hans Pucket - Fuck My Life
Overmono & The Streets - Turn The Page

Rocksteady 45s

The Black Brothers - You've Been Saying Things
The Soul Lads - I'm Yours Forever
Winston Samuels - Don't Believe In Him
Winston & George - Denham Town
Nehemiah Reid - Give Me That Love
Freddie McKay - Sunny Sunday Morning
Errol Dunkley - Feel Good
Roy Panton - Control Your Temper
Clive & Doreen - What Can I Do?
The Sealmates - Pretty Face
The Gladiators - Live Wire
Clifton Smith & The Diamonds - Bring Back The Love
The Selectors - Want Your Love
The Overtakers - Girl You Ruff
The Natives - Live It Up
Hemsley Morris & Phil Pratt - Little Things
Rupie Edwards & The Virtues - Let Me Love You
Ewan & Jerry - You've Got Something
The Termites - Love Up Kiss Up
The Sensations - Long Time Me No See You Girl
Hemsley Morris - Stay Loose
Vic Taylor - My Heart Aches
Roy & Enid - Rocking Time
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Botheration
Dandy - My Time Now
Barrington Saddler - Captain Cudjoe
The Melodians - Last Train
Fud Christian & The Shoemakers - Jet 747
Basil Daley & The Conquerors - Nice Like Rice
John Holt - Tonight
The Tartans - It's Not Right
The Three Tops - Do It Right
Larry Marshall - Lonely Room
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Tribute To Don

Morning Glory with Milly: Monday May 13, 2023

Joe Ghatt - Pale Blue Dot
Shona Laing - (Glad I'm Not) a Kennedy
Kurt Vile - Cool Water
Erny Belle - Venus is Home
Nadia Reid - Oh Canada
The Advocators - Waitin' Around to Die
Phoebe Rings - Mandarin Tree
The Fuzzy Robes - Collect for Midday
Cindy Lee - Diamond Jubilee
Viagra Boys - Sports
Te Huhu - Tūrangawaewae
Hinds, Beck - Boom Boom Back
beet-wix - slug level standards
Nice Girl - Somethin
Sababa 5 - Bezani
What To Do (&ME Remix)
caru - silly love songs (caru remix)
Caru & Micca - JAYWALK
Gregor - Reality Rings Loud
Nia Archives - Cards On The Table
Jessica Pratt - Better Hate
Lady Shaka - E Tu
Daisy Rickman - Falling Through The Rising Sun
hanbee - Days Months Years
Louisa Nicklin - Thick
Nice Girl - My Feeling
The Cat's Miaow - Dust From A Memory
Hans Pucket - You Must Chill
The White Stripes - Rag and Bone
Tinariwen - Tenere Den feat. Fats Kaplin
Troy Kingi - Bastard
Troy Kingi - Link Link Link
The Brunettes - Summer Love
Mount Kimbie - A Figure In The Surf
King Kapisi - Sub-cranium Feeling (Full Version)
Liam Finn - Purple Dress (RADIO EDIT)
Kraus - Crystal Motors
Lola - Portal
The Local Group - what a time to be alive
Keepsakes - Scene Analysis
C. Zukey - Keep Love
C. Zukey - Holy Water
Helicon - Permo (Al Lover Remix)
christoph el' truento - Pīwari (Gumboot Joe Version)

The man Kọla @oogun Ogundipe unloads his sonic essentials from Nigeria, Mali, Ghana, Niger,  Senegal, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, UK, USA, Ivory Coast and Brazil and beyond!

Hugh Masekela - Mama
He3 Project - Make it sweet Vocal and Instrumental
Anri - Windy Summer
Aurra - Living inside myself
Tabu Ley et L'Orchestra Afrisa - Adeito
Babsy Konate - Emess Fassa
Aamina Camaari - Rag waa Nacab iyo Nasteexo (Men Are Cruel and Kind)
Babsy Konate - Saya
Andal Sukabe - Debbo
African Head Charge - Asalatua
The Souljazz Orchestra - Bibinay
Orchestre Veve Star - Nitarudia
Jantra - DarGoog Intro
Orchestra OK Jazz - Kwinta Kumunani
African Head Charge - Accra Electronica
Verckys & L'Orchestre Electronica Veve - Nakobala Yo Denise
Hama - Houmeissa
Idris Akamore & the Pyramids - Tinoge
Segun Robert - Big race
Afro Train - Tumba Safari
Moussa Doumbia - Keleya
Bonde De Role - Awa na Re Remix
Orchestra Baobab - Sat Mama Dem
Quincy Jones - One Hundred Ways
MF DOOM - Rhymes Like Dimes
Ronnie Foster - On the Avenue