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Andre 3000 - Dreams Once Buried Beneath The Dungeon Floor Slowly Sprout Into Undying Gardens
PollyHill & Samara Alofa - HOME
Mokotron - TŪHORONUKU feat. Sam Kiwan
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr - High Grade
Caru & Micca - JAYWALK
Nice Girl - Funklude feat. Eden Burns
DāM-FunK - Summertime
Laetitia Sadier - Une Autre Attente
The Beths & Pickle Darling - Brand New Colony
Jiro Inagaki & Big Soul Media with Masahiko Satō - Guru
Ancient Infinty Orchestra - Arc Of The Sun
Mo Kolours - Magic Momentum
Christoph El Truento - Pocket Copy
Half Hexagon - Buy The Farm
Troy Kingi - Fantasy League
Emma Anderson - Bend The Round
Big Jade - Spooky
And$um - High Beams feat. Vallé
Church & ENO - Juan
Anycia - WHAT DID I DO?
Laraaji - Hold On To The Vision
Celia Hollander - Hold On To The Vision
Chuquimamani-Condori - Breathing
食品まつり a.k.a FOODMAN - Pichi Pichi
PollyHill & Samara Alofa - Pain
Kelela - Contact [Karen Nyame KG Remix]
Romi Wrights - Bring It Back
Phoebe Rings - 아​스​라​이 (Aseurai)
Crystal Chen - Bubble Bath
Erny Belle - Pitt Stop
Ebony Lamb - Come, Put A Record On
Björk & Rosalía - Oral
Sundae Painters - In Came You
Soft Covers - Every Week
Troy Kingi - Rubix
Molly Lewis - Lounge Lizard
Nice Girl - I Am Emotional
Memory Foam - Moon Power
Fable - Please!
Eyeliner - Catnip
Mermaidens - Highly Strung
Ty Segall - Distraction
Auto Angel - Halloween
Half/Time - He Tangata
Sharon Forrester - Love Don't Live Here Any More
Brandn Shiraz - Junior
Emmanuelle - Undertow
Sababa 5 - Wembley
K M T P - 2 Days
Mel Parsons - Tiny Days
Mel Parsons - Offer Down
bar italia - World's Greatest Emoter
Dam Native - Horified One
In The City - The Doghouse
Kolya - Breaking shallows (just breathe)
Erny Belle - Not Your Cupid
Marlon Williams - River Rival
Jay Christ - Albert Fish (Jay Christ Instrumental Remix) (feat. A.P. The Apostle)
Jay Christ - Rick James
DJ Slyngshot - Untitled A1
Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life (Lonely Hearts Mix)
Davide Di Blasi - Binary House
Peggy Gou - Maktoop
Mood II Swing - Move Me
Midland - Placement (Lone Remix)
FaltyDL - Gut Punch
Space Ghost - Be Yourself (Central Remix)
Alex Klassian - Spirit of Eden (Bill Laswell Dub)
Cloudface - w w i
Chaos in the CBD - Background Explorer
SIS - Crossing Bridges
Bobby Konders & House Rhythms - Massai Woman
Cherrelle - Will You Satisfy?
DJ Slyngshot - Untitled A2 (Original Mix)
Tolga Fidan - Esprit Perdu (Original) [Tolga Fidan feat. Jonny Cruz]
Chaos in the CBD - Outdoor Limit
Chaos in the CBD - Sirena Deep
Jho Roscioli - Supermodel Thick
Liars - Too Much, Too Much
Thee Oh Sees - Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster

Studio Gussie Edwards - Oxide Dub
Dreems - String Gadget [Scientist Dub] 
unkle G + the shiny people - drum machine thief 
unkle G + Kat7 - studio fresh
Pangolin Soundsystem - Dub song
Soul Sugar featuring Shniece - Top of my list (dub mix)
Clara!/Pearson Sound/Kabaeushé - Elle
La Inedita / Tribilin Sound - Fayah (Tribilin Sound Remix)
Pinchado & Tribilin Sound - Cumbia Ritual
Rizomagic - Chuantica
Anatolian Weapons - Three Suns I
Wrack - Aircap (Scratchclart Remix)
Saphileaum - Antikvar
Oma Totem - bon dub
Misha Sultan - Sand Ashram
Ma Sha - Psyspi
David Holmes ft. Raven Violet - You Will Know Me By the Smell of Onions
Aroma von Troisdorf + Marla Bereska - Das Ozeall
Wild Terrier Orchestra - A SILENT CLOUD OF DUST
Shackleton - There Is A Seed
J. TRIPP - Plural
Nidia - Caiomhe
HOS - Nils Fasteau
David Holmes ft. Raven Violet - Agitprop 13
TONE - Gotta Get My Life Right (Pelin Pelin Remix)
TONE - Move Now (Suitman Jungle Remix) 
MM/KM - Vasen
DMX Krew - Night Creatures (Dub)
Nice Girl - Make Things Better
David Holmes ft. Raven Violet - I Laugh Myself to Sleep
Pascal Comelade & The Limiñanas - Le Riffifi brille en jaune
Pascal Comelade & The Limiñanas - On ne mange pas la choucroute de Veronica
Volksempfänger - Remain The Dancer 
Johny Brown - Disgruntled Employee
Dada Black Sheep - Sabka Malik Ek
Speakers Corner Quartet + Laraaji - Take Your Dreams Off Of The Shelf
Speakers Corner Quartet - Soapbox Soliloquy(Instrumental)
Puma & The Dolphin - How to Send Email
Empress of Nature & t-woc - Rapper's Delight

95bFM Drive with Jonny & Corey: Tuesday 21 November, 2023

Goatman - Jaam Ak Salam
Sleepy Sun - Acid Love
Speedometer - Kashmir
Ghost Vision - Saturnus Theme
Ward 21 - Ganja Smoke
christoph el' truento - Alo feat Lui Tui
Nice Girl - Funklude feat. Eden Burns
Kelela - Contact [Karen Nyame KG Remix]
Troy Kingi - Bastard
Sleepy Sun - Desert God
Swallow the Rat - Cave
Half/Time - Whakamā/rama
Avondale Spiders - Fire in my Veins
Baby Jesus - Right Before I Go
Danzig - Her Black Wings
Dimmer - Powerchord
Melvins - Sweet Willy Rollbar
YĪN YĪN - Takahashi Timing
Sababa 5 - Wembley
Work - Lumps
Six Figga Digga - C.O.C. Flow (feat. Stan Spit, McGruff & Big L)
Inigo Vontier & Dan Solo - Higher (Original Mix)
Ornitology - Koizilla
Mermaidens - Foolish
bar italia - World's Greatest Emoter
Cave - Silver Headband
Whirr - Junebouvier
Cave - Thai I Am
Wurld Series - Rearing Wesley
AROHA - No More Jenga [Monika & Akuratyde Remix]
AROHA - No More Jenga