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Isabella Lovestory - Fuetazo feat. Villano Antillano, Prod. Dinamarca

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Set lists

Jimetta Rose & The Voices of Creation - Let The Sunshine In
Steve Parks - Still Thinking Of You
Donal Leace - Today Won't Come Again
CLAAP! & SANTANA - Summertime
DRC Music - Hallo feat: Tout Puissant Mukalo & Nelly Liyemge
TURBO Q 3000 - Ke Suene Machin
Tribilin Sound - El Arbolito (Tribilin Sound High Remix)
California Flight - California Flight
Skyy - Here's To You
Stinky Jim - Owner Face (Naram Remix)
Sanoi - Mountain Pass (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
French Concession - Holy Vision
BADBADNOTGOOD & Charlotte Day Wilson - Sleeper
Erny Belle - Pitt Stop
The Shacks - Trip To Japan
The Other Others - Daze Days
Home Brew - Run It Back
Jungle Brown - We On feat: Sampa The Great
PollyHill & Samara Alofa - QUEERBAIT
Special Interest - Street Pulse Beat
Eagulls - Council Flat Blues
Husker Du - Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
Fresh Band - Come Back Lover
Faye Webster - But Not Kiss
Mitski - My Love Mine All Mine
Babe Martin - When They Look At Me
A Blunt Jester - Manic Truth
Eyeliner - Baby
Serebii - Really You
Jonathan Bree - Miss You
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
K M T P - 2 Days
Amamelia - C'est Chic
Byllie-jean - Running Amuck
No Cigar - Concubine
Romi Wrights - Bring It Back
Church & ENO - Juan
Brandn Shiraz - Junior
PollyHill, Samara Alofa - WOBBLE
Emma Anderson - Bend The Round
Ebony Lamb - Come, Put A Record On
In The City - The Doghouse
Phoebe Rings - 아​스​라​이 (Aseurai)
Andre 3000 - Ninety Three 'Til Infinity And Beyonce
Casual Healing - Mauri Tau
French For Rabbits - Leech
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Greentea Peng, Tricky - 100lbs of Summer - Tricky Remix
Kenny Garret - For Art's Sake
Half Hexagon - Buy The Farm
Talking Heads - The Girl Wants To Be with the Girls
Marta De Grandi - Snapdragon
Yumi Zouma - be okay
Holly Walker - Dead Flies on a Lilo
Nabihah Iqbal - This World Couldn't See Us
Babe Martin - When They Look At Me
Mel Stevenson - Adrenaline Florist
Kokoroko, Miles James - Somethings Going On (Miles James Remix)
Mindy Meng Wang & Sui Zhen - Watch My Mum Dance
Ebony Lamb - Swim To Me
Andre 3000 - I swear, I really wanted to make a "rap" album but this is literally the way the wind blew me this time
Al Matcott - Summer's Coming
Fable - Please!
Eyeliner - Swank
Sundae Painters - Hollow Way
The Pleasure Majenta - Sterngucker
Marlon Williams - Slipping Away (Max Merritt & The Meteors) [Live at 95bFM - 30/11/18]
Nice Girl - Funklude feat. Eden Burns
Mermaidens - Foolish
Work - Lumps
PollyHill & Samara Alofa - Home
Memory Foam - Choo Choo Train feat. Baby Zionov
Memory Foam - Moon Power
Laetitia Sadier - Une Autre Attente
Phoebe Rings - 아​스​라​이 (Aseurai)
Caru & Micca - JAYWALK
Molly Lewis - Lounge Lizard
Thee Golden Geese - 95bFM Top 10
French For Rabbits - Leech
Troy Kingi - Link Link Link
Helado Negro - I Just Want To Wake Up With You
Thee Artists - What's Your Medium
Yussef Dayes - Gelato
christoph el' truento - Pocket Copy

95bFM Drive with Jonny & Corey: 20 November, 2023

Heaters - Thanksgiving II
Speedometer - Kashmir
Hollow Ship - Utsuro Bune
A Straw Assembly - Mama
bar italia - World's Greatest Emoter
Thee Golden Geese - 95bFM Top 10
Wurld Series - Rearing Wesley
J Mascis - Can't Believe We're Here
Priya Ragu - Black Goose
Ghost Woman - Juan
Six Figga Digga - C.O.C. Flow (feat. Stan Spit, McGruff & Big L)
Mokotron - TŪHORONUKU feat. Sam Kiwan
Puketiro Superhero - Notable Trees
Dimmer - Smoke
Half Hexagon - Buy The Farm
GUM - Real Life
The Tallest Man on earth - King of spain
Crystal Chen - Bubble Bath
Rahill - Gone Ashtray (peanut butter wolf remix)
Redhead Kingpin - Do the right thing
The Surfrajettes - Toxic
Beastie Boys - Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
Souls of Mischief - 93 'til Infinity
Souls of Mischief - Limitations
Souls of Mischief - Live and Let Live
The Streets - Good Old Daze
Sanoi - Mountain Pass (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
Radium Dolls - Treat
JJ Grey & Mofro - Turpentine
Swallow the Rat - Cave
NEU! - Drive (Grundfunken)
CSS - Art Bitch
Le Tigre - Mediocrity Rules
Ebony Lamb - Come, Put A Record On
Breanna Barbara - Rise
Mermaidens - Foolish
La Securite - Anyway
Eaves Wilder - Freefall
Lush - De-Luxe
Erny Belle - Pitt Stop
Tess Parks - Someday
Anita Lane - The World's A Girl
Stick in the Wheel - Villon Song
Gap Dream - Rock n Roll
Slowdive - kisses
High Vis - Walking Wires
And$um - High Beams feat. Vallé
Parallel Dance Ensemble - Juices
The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward
Brandn Shiraz - Junior
Bauhaus - Here's the Dub
Koizilla - Ornithology
CIVIC - Hourglass
Half/Time - Whakamā/rama
The Mint Chicks - Post No Bills
Ty Segall - My Room
The Smiths - Ask
K M T P - 2 Days
Ducks Ltd - The Main Thing
The Smiths - Cemetry Gates
WITCH - Try Me
Troy Kingi - Bastard
Sababa 5 - Wembley
Marie Madeline - No Love
YĪN YĪN - Takahashi Timing
Serge Gainsbourg - Cha Cha Cha du Loup
Algebra Suicide - After Charles
Charlene Darling - Disparis
Bingo Fury - Happy Snake
Egyptian Blue - To Be Felt
Laetitia Sadier - Une Autre Attente
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - Waitin' for the Orange Sunshine
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Jim on the Move
The Serfs - Club Deuce
Donna Summer - I Feel Love