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Parallel Parker - Mula_2

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Set lists

Sulette - P'tit Courage (Souleance Rework)
Raf Rundell - Always Fly (DâM-Funk Re-Freak)
Farah Ahmad Khan, Balraj Singh Samrai, Vikaash Sankadecha - Healing
LV - Ancestors
PINTY - Found It
Guedra Guedra كدرة كدرة - Cercococcyx
Mat El Said - Maze Rai
Mario y Sus Diamantes - Santo Domingo
Jane Inc. - My Oldest Friend
St Vincent - Cruel
Mermaidens - Soft Energy
The Veils - Nux Vomica
Ripship - Moores Law
Ounce - Golden Whip
Skylab - Seashell
T. G. Shand - The Ease
Surf Friends - Good Thing
Deerhoof - Love-Lore 2 [Knight Rider/Raymond Scott/Mauricio Kagel/Eddie Grant/Gary Numan Covers]
Tomahawk - Flashback
Glen Adams - Mad Blank
Moodymann - Goodbye Everybody
Samara Alofa - Dnt Care
Reb Fountain - Hawks & Doves [Tali Remix]
Dateless - Hell on Wheels [Fu Manchu Cover]
Slo Burn - Pilot The Dune
TOOMS - Blanket
Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra - Wonder Us
India Jordan - And Groove
Phodiso - Usain
Adam Tukiri - Kilme2
deepState - Sunrise
Amamelia - Operator PLZ [Imugi 이무기 Remix]
Persian - Space Within Art (Dubplate Mix)
Comanchaca - Bong
Dan Kye - Rainbow Road
Wurld Series - Moat
BEING. - Lucy
TOOMS - Blanket [Live at The Wine Cellar 12/03/21]
Dry Cleaning - Oblivion [Grimes cover]
pickle darling - Blushing
Altin Gün - Sevda Olmasaydi
파란노을 (Parannoul) - 아름다운 세상 (Beautiful World)
Mick Jenkins - Designer Frames [Prod. Kaytranada]
Overmono - Pieces of 8
PollyHill - Sweepstake feat. Church
serpentwithfeet - Amir
black midi - John L
TOOMS - Types of Dicks [Live at The Wine Cellar 12/03/21]
Garageland - Fay Ray
Major Murphy - Real
Maxine Funke and P Wits - every kind word
Seven Davis Jr - We Should Go Out
TOOMS - Dryson's Creek [Live at The Wine Cellar 12/03/21]
The Datsuns - Suspicion
Les Filles De Illighadad - Surbajo
Skody Banks - Sick
Ha the Unclear - (All of Our Friends Have Moved to) Australia
TOOMS - Rats [Live at The Wine Cellar 12/03/21]
Carnivorous Plant Society - The Tunnel
lau.ra - Don't Waste My Time feat. JessB
Luca Yupanqui - V5
Tangled Shoelaces - Oceans Away
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Coma Girl
U.S. Girls - 4 American Dollars [Buffetlibre Remix]
Merk - H.N.Y.B.
Tangled Shoelaces - Oceans Away
Molly Lewis - Oceanic Feeling
Louisa Nicklin - Water Around Her
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Thought Ballune
VHOOR - Verde
Vegyn - Like A Good Old Friend
Soaked Oats - Coming Up [Live at Laneway 2020]
Amamelia - Operator PLZ [Imugi 이무기 Remix]
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Nadia Reid - The Future
Les Filles de Illighadad - Surbajo
Negative Nancies - Monkey Chest
Swallow the Rat - Don't
Adam Tukiri - Kilme2
Blood Orange - Sutphin Boulevard
VALENTINA - Figure You Out
Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice
Purient - Memories - Eartheater
Mazbou Q - The Get Up
Rubi Du - LockUp [R. Smith Stepping Dub Mix]
Wurld Series - To The Recruiting Officer
Automatic - Strange Conversations [Sudan Archives Remix]

Funky 45s

James Brown - Lowdown Popcorn
Ramsey Lewis - Party Time
Mickey & The Soul Generation - Iron Leg
Freedom Now Brothers - Sissy Walk
King Floyd - I Feel Like Dynamite
Joe Tex - Papa Was Too
Howlin' Wolf - Evil
George Semper - Got To Find A Way To Make Some Money
Tony Newman - Soul Thing
The Gaturs - The Booger Man
The Nite-Liters - Kool Pick
Backyard Heavies - Soul Junction
The Blowflys - Funky In The Hole
King Hannibal - The Truth Shall Make You Free
Bo Diddley - Stop The Pusher
Oliver Sain - St Louis Breakdown
The Fame Gang - Soul Feud
Melvin Van Peebles - Sweetback's Theme
Lynn Taitt - Stepping Up
Eddy Senay - Zambesi
Duralcha - Ghet-To Funk
Jean Knight - Do Me
Cymande - Bra
General Crook - Gimme Some (Part 2)
Bobby Byrd - Try It Again
Zane & Hogan With Kibbe - Cobra
The Crusaders - Stomp And Buck Dance
Attitudes - Being Here With You
Con-Funk-Shun - Clique

95bFM Drive with Jonny & Big Hungry: Monday March 29, 2021

Andy Bell - Indica (Pye Corner Audio Remix – GLOK Re-Edit)
Joe Thomas - Thank You
Savages - City's Full
Night Lunch - House Full of Shit
Sonic Youth - The Empty Page
Amamelia - Operator PLZ [Imugi 이무기 Remix]
pickle darling - A Deep Breath
David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - Ngapara
Kane Strang - Body Slam
lau.ra - Don't Waste My Time feat. JessB
Diaz Grimm - WWYD
Japanese Television - Bee Cage (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)
Queens Of The Stone Age - Born To Hula
Surf Friends - Good Thing
Ripship - Moores Law
The Bronx - White Shadow
The Vacant Lots - Rescue
ROY - Where Did My Mind Go?
Ha the Unclear - Kosmonzvt ("cosmonaut")
Calibre & DRS - Badman
Skody Banks - Sick
Jane Inc. - My Oldest Friend
The Veils - Pan
Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks - Perfume
Elder - Illusory Motion
Negative Nancies - Monkey Chest
Cat Power - The Greatest