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The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, Miss Dom, Def Jim, Frances Chan or Dr. Mark Baynes

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The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, 30 Julu 2022

Jazz_Show_300723_1200.mp3 mp3, 227.07 MB
Sun 30 Jul 2023

Blind Mango Chutney keeps the winter chills at bay with strong doses of jazz reggae, jazz rock and jazz fusion, and in-studio guest music entrepreneur John Baker plays an immune-boosting selection of rare early NZ jazz, rock and exotica recordings.

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Frances Chan, 23 July 2023

Jazz_show_Podcast Jazz_2023-07-23.mp3 mp3, 253.79 MB
Sun 23 Jul 2023

Frances Chan hails new/old Prince and Miles Davis, sounds from Senegal, and plays new releases from Meshell, Mireya, Brandee, Lakecia and Fumika.

Prince – All A Share Together
Meshell Ndegeochello ft. Brandee Younger, Mark Guiliana, Josh Johnson – Virgo 3
The Lahaar – Chase Scene, Part 1
Eddie Palmieri – Chocolate Ice Cream
Pete Jolly – Autumn Festival
M.E.B., Miles Davis – Hail to the Real Chief
Miles Davis – Spanish Key (Encore) (Live, Fillmore East, NYC, 1970)
Mireya Ramos, Flor de Toleache – Nunca Te Voy a Olvidar
Lakecia Benjamin, Georgia Ann Muldrow – Phoenix
Fumika Asari – Thanks for Emily
Emily Remler – Blues for Herb
Dee Byrne – Capsule
Hako Yamasaki – Sasurai
Casiopea – Time Limit
Aron & The Jeri Jeri Band – Sunugal
Kora Jazz Band – Bardinerie
Ray Barretto – Acid
Brandee Younger ft. Meshell Ndegeochello – Dust


The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, 16 July 2023

Jazz_Show_160723_1200.mp3 mp3, 222.91 MB
Sun 16 Jul 2023

Blind Mango Chutney loves the local flavours from The Lahaar to Whirimako Black and ethnic grooves from South Africa and beyond.  
(1) Richard Nunns/Mark Lockett - Redaction
(2) Whirimako Black - Stormy Weather Marangai
(3) Creative Path Ensemble - Solar Eclipse 
(4) Lonnie Johnson - Playing With The Strings
(5) Hank Garland - 3,4 The Blues
(6) Alphonze Mouzon -  Virtue
(7) James Newton - Crips
(8) Creative Path Ensemble - Absolvo
(9) Theo Croker - Portrait Of William
(10) Karin Krog - Lazy Afternoon
(11) Billy Butler - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 
(12) Art Farmer/Yusuf Lateef - Something You Got
(13) Nduduzo Makathini - Unokamyamba
(14) Nduduzo Marathini - Mama feat.
(15) Creative Path Ensemble - Interlock
(16)The Lahaar - Step 2
(17) Allan Holdsworth + IOU - Devil Take The Hind Most 

95 BFM Jazz Show With Hosts Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom 9 July 2023

95bFM Jazz Show With Hosts Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom 9 July 2023 95bFM Jazz Show With Hosts Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom 9 July 2023, 227.52 MB
Sun 9 Jul 2023

Mark plays his favorite band - features some Andrea Lisa tracks ahead of her gig next month, & ends on a Latin note. Dom plays a couple of classic cuts, features some South African Jazz, & adds 2 extra tracks as a Podcast Only Feature:  The Clear Path Ensemble - Solar Eclipse, ahead of their gig in a few weeks - & the new single from The Circling Sun - Bones, post the groups epic, sold-out, album release show on Saturday night.

95bFM Jazz Show with Def Jim: Sunday June 25, 2023

Jazz_Show_20230625_1200.mp3 mp3, 216.26 MB
Sun 25 Jun 2023

In a typically varied set, Def Jim splices gnarly nuggets from old stalwarts of the avant-garde with new releases from the likes of Ethnic Heritage Ensemble and Julian Lage, virtuosic guitar in both electric blues and finger-picked trio/duo settings and sundry sparkling album tracks bursting out of relative obscurity before closing out with some classic John Coltrane.

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, 18 June 2023

Jazz_Show_180623_1200.mp3 mp3, 214.22 MB
Sun 18 Jun 2023

Blind Mango Chutney spreads smooth peanut butter from Silent Poets, mashes up orchestral jazz, then gets crunchy with William Parker. Followed by trad jams by Ellington and hot-buttered toasts from Della Reese and Dizzy G.

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Frances Chan, 11 June 2023

Jazz_show_2023-06-11_podcast.mp3 mp3, 259.66 MB
Sun 11 Jun 2023

Frances Chan features the great keyboardist Lonnie Liston Smith and his first record in 25 years, a selection of ethio-jazz, outstanding local vocals and we remember Astrud Gilberto.

Knower – I’m the President
Kalle Kalima, Tenors of Kalma, Jimi Tenor – Kanava
Brad Mehldau – Sassyassed Sassafrass
The New Stan Getz Quartet ft. Astrud Gilberto – Eu e Voce (Live, Cafe au Go-Go, NYC, 1964)
Astrud Gilberto & Chet Baker – Far Away
Marquis Hill ft. Joel Ross – Stretch (The Body)
Pat Metheny – Ole & Gard
Pedro Ricardo – Ode ao Gato
The Circling Sun – Plume
Chico Pinheiro – Estrada Real
The Yussef Dayes Experience – Black Classical Music (Live, El Club, Detroit, 2022)
Lonnie Liston Smith, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad ft. Loren Oden – Love Bring Happiness
Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Here Comes the Whistleman (Live, 1965)
Lonnie Liston Smith – Rejuvenation
Lonnie Liston Smith – Devika (Goddess)
Yoni Mayraz – Pawnshop
John Psathas & Fabian Ziegler – RealBadNow - III: Prepare For Defiant Acts of Radical Imagination
The Sorcerers – Summoning the Monkey God
Zafari – Addis Ababa
Mulatu Astatke – Girl from Addis Ababa
Goldsmith Baynes – Kore Rawa
LA Mitchell – Hydration (Live, Matterhorn, Wellington, 2008)
Clear Path Ensemble – Tennis Ball


The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, 4 June 2023

Jazz_Show_040623_1200.mp3 mp3, 220.47 MB
Sun 4 Jun 2023

From saxophones galore and experimental Norwegian vocalist Karin Krog to Teo Macero and Idris Muhammad keeping it funky, Blind Mango Chutney gives equal opportunity to all jazz genres.  

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Julien Dyne, 28 May 2023

Jazz_Show_280523_1200.mp3 mp3, 222.26 MB
Sun 28 May 2023

Special guest host, prolific drummer/producer Julien Dyne (The Circling Sun, Ladi6, Opensouls, Fat Freddy’s Drop) treats us to his top picks of 100% NZ jazz musicians to celebrate Aotearoa Music Month.

1. lord echo - endless dawn ( wonderful noise )
2. mike nock - mambucada ( laurie records ) 
3. the circling sun - spirits ( part 2 ) ( soundway records ) 
4. lucien johnson - awa ( deluge records )
5. the circling sun - veneer ( soundway records ) 
6. clear path ensemble - solar eclipse ( soundway records ) 
7. kenny sterling and dylan biscuit - what you need ( manuka records )
8. unwind - ahipara ( rattle )
9. the mike nock underground - wax planet ( mps records )
10. the circling sun - bones ( soundway records ) 
11. nucleus - roots ( vertigo records )
12. the circling sun - kohan ( soundway records ) 
13. sustenance - monday the 18th ( kiwi pacific records )
14. yusef lateef featuring mike nock - oscalypso ( impulse ! records )
15. the circling sun - bliss ( soundway records ) 
16. wild bill ricketts - riki ( wonderful noise )
17.  the circling sun - jewel ( soundway records ) 
18. frank harris with maria marquez - down by the rio- julien dyne remix ( strangelove records )
19. julien dyne - beecon ( soundway records ) 

95bFM Jazz Show With Hosts Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom NZMM Special 21 May 2023

95bFM Jazz Show With Hosts Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom NZMM Special 21 May 2023 95bFM Jazz Show With Hosts Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom NZMM Special 21 May 2023, 202.64 MB
Sun 21 May 2023

Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom celebrate NZ Music Month by playing 100% homegrown Jazz Selections - our 2 featurettes/ guest Mixtapes were by Los Angeles-based Kiwi Jazz Guitarist, composer, & vocalist Andrea Lisa - & Waikato based  Crate Digger, Vinyl Seller (Dujons Digs), & Vinyl Selector Dujon Cullingford.