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Princess Chelsea's Midwinter Ball!

Princess Chelsea's Midwinter Ball - Saturday August 3rd - Wintergarden, The Civic

It’s pretty hard to stream Twin Peaks in New Zealand at the moment but who needs to!
Because you can experience the vibes live instead at the Twin Peaks themed ball with Princess Chelsea and The Dream Warriors! Who are fresh from taking home the Te Manu Taki Whanokē o te Tau | Best Alternative Artist award at the Aotearoa Music Awards.

In the icy grip of August, a Twin Peaks-themed midwinter ball awaits, with enigmatic musical guests, Half Hexagon, poised to entrance all who dare to attend. Expect smoke, lasers, karaoke, and prizes for best costume to adorn the night.

As the night unfurls its secrets, guests are lured into the depths of the unknown, with live Karaoke guided by the mysterious Special Agent Matthew Crawley;p. Prizes await those brave souls who dare step onto the stage, their voices becoming one with the surreal symphony that echoes through the night.

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