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Advocate recommends consumers shop responsibly amid Black Friday bargains

24 November, 2023

Interview by Jessica Hopkins, adapted by Joel Armstrong

Chief Executive of Mindful Fashion, Jacinta FitzGerald, says people eager to shop Black Friday sales should do so responsibly and sustainably.

Today is Black Friday. Originating in the US, Black Friday sees stores drop their prices for a limited time to attract customers.

According to the New Zealand Post, for the past few years, Black Friday has exceeded Boxing Day as the biggest sales day in the country.

But Chief Executive of Mindful Fashion, a non-profit organisation that advocates for sustainable and collaborative solutions facing the fashion and textile industry, Jacinta FitzGerald, told 95bFM’s The Wire that consumers should think deliberately about what they actually need before they shop.

“Black Friday does not support slow and sustainable consumerism.”

As well as perpetuating exploitative working conditions, overconsumption of fast fashion also has a negative impact on the environment. 

FitzGerald says that of the 150 billion clothing items produced annually, 85% end up in landfill.

FitzGerald also identifies that internationally, 8% to 10% of carbon emissions can be attributed to the fashion industry, with over 70% of clothing being made from oil extracted from the ground.

She recommends taking a slow and sustainable approach to consumption, by buying less and purchasing better quality items, as well as not giving in to impulse purchases.

“Buy the best that you can afford for the money that you've got to spend.”

“Make sure you are looking after things so you can keep them in use, and love them, and cherish them for as long as possible.”

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