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Artbank with Tom, Heidi, Prairie & Sam

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Wax Chattels - No Ties
Jayda G - Are U Down [Remix]
A.A.L. [Against All Logic] - Fantasy
Mrs. Piss - Self-Surgery
CHAII - Lightswitch
Vanessa Worm - Tiny Revolutions
Khruangbin - Maria También
Cass McCombs - Sweet Lucy feat. Steve Gunn
Roy Irwin - Demon's Cave
Lithics - An Island
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The Fall - Rainmaster

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ARTBANK: 13 September 2020

ARTBANK: 13 September 2020 ARTBANK: 13 September 2020, 218.22 MB
Sun 13 Sep 2020

E tuituia ana te raarangi uiui o te rangi nei e ngaa kaupapa ohanga. This Sunday's interviews are connected by themes of economy as Heidi catches up with Hannah Valentine, Hana Pera-Aoake and Tao Wells in succession. Hannah Valentine's show 'Interference' at Visions gallery takes Argo Floats - devices for collecting data on our our oceans for the purpose of healing them, but do they avoid doing their own kinds of damage? Hana Pera-Aoake chat's with Heidi about David Graeber's mysterious sudden passing, the arbitrariness of the monetary legal systems that the whole world allows to run it, and we put a call out for her initiative under Kei te Pai Press for book donations for the OOtautahi Women's Prison. Drop any great books you want to share with women who've wound up imprisoned to Enjoy Gallery, Blue Oyster or Strange Goods by the end of the week please! Finally Tao Wells continues the kaupapa of questioning why we've all accepted the current status quo by telling us a little about his social practice and thinking. There's barely time to scratch the surface here, but the skin is broken, it's up to listeners to rakuraku haere - keep scratching it. The world could be so different.

Artbank: 9 August 2020

Artbank: 9 August 2020 Artbank: 9 August 2020, 219.68 MB
Sun 9 Aug 2020

Heidi catches up with Eleanor Cooper and Xin Cheng about their respective approaches to our polluted world, exploring our existence within the non-idealised environment and continuing to play and invent regardless. Xin and Eleanor's show 'Greywater' continues at Mokopopaki until 22 August.  

Artbank: 2 August 2020

Artbank2August2020 Artbank2August2020, 272.47 MB
Sun 2 Aug 2020

Prairie talks to Jessie Howell and Emanueal Saramiento about their RM show "Could I Steal a Moment". Their show, which includes Joanna Neumegen's work, consists of sculpture and painting - with themes of transparency, latency and a shred love of Janet Frame. We are then joined by Anna Sisson, whose show "Meet me outside the chatroom"" opens soon at Neo Gracie. We talk queer technologies, metalwork, and Anna's closet theory. 

Artbank: 19 July 2020

Artbank: 19 July 2020 Artbank: 19 July 2020, 274.66 MB
Sun 19 Jul 2020

Ali Senescall is in the studio - and talks, films, angel wings, and stairways as he prepares for a new show in Parasite Gallery. Jon Coddington is one of NZ's most accomplished puppeteers, and talks to us about recent work - working with the likes of Fat Freddy's Drop, Indian Ink, and a marrionette of Christopher Walken.  

Artbank: 12 july 2020

Artbank: 12 July 2020 Artbank: 12 July 2020, 274.4 MB
Sun 12 Jul 2020

James "TK" Tapsell-Kururangi is in the studio - talking about growing up in Rotorua, studying in the capital, and now puttingon the curator hat at the new space, Papatūnga, in Parnell. Darren Kamali catches up with Tom and talks about his ongoing collaboration, with Ole Maiava, into the history an practice of Ulu Cavu - Fijian wig making. They have a show on at Te Tuhi gallery in Pakuranga. Motoko Kikkawa has a show on at Audio Foundation, and presents an incredible array of drawings and paintings from the last 3 years. Then its Matilda Fraser, speaking to her show "His trunk for a hand, and his foot for a scythe" at RM Gallery - exploring the history of Auckland's resident elephant in the early days of colonial settelment. 

Artbank: 7 July 2020

Artbank: 7 July 2020 Artbank: 7 July 2020, 109.86 MB
Sun 5 Jul 2020

Cora Allan Wickliffe talks to Heidi and Prairie about how she came to curate the stunning first show at Tautai's new space, as well as sharing what was behind her gesture of blacking out an intricate hiapo work that took her the entirety of lockdown to curate, in front of all the guests at the opening, including our prime minister. Next Jasmine Tuia and Ashleigh Taupaki put out the invitation to their new intitiative 'Cross Crits', an Indigenous and POC lead series of get togethers to have your work critiqued starting in a couple of weeks time. And finally Rebecca Steedman tells us about balancing improvisation and precision in her Rm exhibition 'The Weight of Things'.

Artbank: 28 June 2020

Artbank: 28 June 2020 Artbank: 28 June 2020, 109.87 MB
Sun 28 Jun 2020

Prairie and Heidi chat to Stella Corkery about her show Paradises, on now at Michael Lett, and her practice as a painter and musician and how they intertwine. Then they speak to Becky Richards, a sculptor who works with clay, who has a show at RM Gallery next week. Harry Russon joins us too, with a conversation about what it's been like studying art under lockdown. 

Sunday Painter: Flags

Sunday Painter: Flags Sunday Painter: Flags, 9.86 MB
Fri 26 Jun 2020

Jackson's back and we're looking at Flags this week, but there's something wrong with the sound effects....

Artbank: 21 June 2020

Artbank 21 June 2020 Artbank 21 June 2020, 221.73 MB
Sun 21 Jun 2020

Tom catches up with Te Ara Minhinnick - and talks about her recent lockdown on the Waikato, and online Demo residency, as well as her upcoming show at Audio Foundation. 

Artbank: 7 June 2020

Artbank: 7 June 2020 Artbank: 7 June 2020, 219.04 MB
Sun 7 Jun 2020

This week we hear from the photographer, artist and organiser Shelley Te Haara (Nga Puhi, Ngati Rangi), who was part of the team that organised the Black Lives Matter solidarity March in Auckland last week. We also hear the sounds of sound artist Ivan Mrsic. Then we hear the submission from Jazmin Rose Phillips and Farhad Banesh - an audio documantary about Detention in a Melbourne detention centre, for the duration of lockdown. Then its sounds from Dunedin - thanks to Lance Strickland and Chris Schmeltz. Plus the art guide!