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Artbank: 16 February 2020

Artbank: 16 February 2020 Artbank: 16 February 2020, 212.31 MB
Sun 16 Feb 2020

Tom talks to Maree Sheehan, whose show Ōtairongo, is due to open at the refurbished Artspace in March. It will form a new type of audio-portraiture, and a fresh way of representing wāhine Māori. Maree talks about the three women she depicts - Moana Maniapoto, Ramon Te Wake, Te Rita Papesch.

Artbank: 9 February 2020

Artbank: 9 February 2020 Artbank: 9 February 2020, 220.86 MB
Sun 9 Feb 2020

Diewertje Hehewerth is in the studio, talking about her book about artist run spaces in various cities around the world. We also get on the line with Te Haunui Tuna, one of the artists involved with, what is believed to be the largest mural in Aotearoa - in Kirikriroa/Hamilton. 


Artbank: 2 February, 2020

Artbank: 2 February, 2020 Artbank: 2 February, 2020, 215.89 MB
Sun 2 Feb 2020

Ophelia King joins Heidi in the studio, discussing art-life flow and how that has fed into her recent exhibitions including the current 'Teething' at Weasel Gallery, Hamilton. Tom talks to Christoph Dahlhausen, about Westfarbe: Paint vs Colour at Two Rooms Gallery.  And then Alana, Virginia and Marika from Mega Pash Action chat about presence and relationality with regards to their activations going on all week at Artspace's Queer Pavillon, taking place this week in Albert Park.

Artbank: 19 January, 2020

Artbank_190120_1100.mp3 mp3, 222.98 MB
Sun 19 Jan 2020

Heidi has a koorero with the multi-talented Jason Te Mete, play writer and founder of Tuatara Collective,about his play 'Little Black Bitch', returning to Taamaki Makaurau this March. He tells us about workshopping processes and collaborations that go into developing a highly personal kaupapa into a powerful dramaturgy that many people can see themselves in.

Artbank: 12 January 2020

Artbank_120120_1100.mp3 mp3, 215.5 MB
Sun 12 Jan 2020

Leilani Kake is starting a series of hui where people can practise their reo Maaori without too much formality, lubricating their arero with wine and cheeses, and discussing the artworks at Vunilagi Vou. Te Reo Toitoko, it's called, playing on toi: art, and tautoko: support. Gallery founder, Ema Tavola is also here, chiming in to make sure we've all got the crucial info we need about how to get there.
(First one kicks off on Thursday Jan 23 at Vunilagi Vou, 4/256 Great South Road, Otahuhu)

Next Lesley Dixon tells us about the journeys in and out of collaboration and connection her otherwise practice in solitude in large-scale sand drawing has taken her on, and the many ways in which other people have become involved at times.

Artbank: 22 December 2019

Artbank: 22 December 2019 Artbank: 22 December 2019, 213.97 MB
Sun 22 Dec 2019

Heidi chats to Julia Morison about body horror, tenderness and the remarkable coherence that results from quite non-linear processes, and then continues a trajectory with Yonel Watene from his previous interview about the Te Tuhi show, to a bit of background and how residencies in Mexico spurred on artistic evolution.  And Tom throws in a wee word from the lower East side of NYC, joined by Andrew Penya to tell us about the Parlay Project.

Artbank: 15 December 2019

Artbank: 15 December 2019 Artbank: 15 December 2019, 209.09 MB
Sun 15 Dec 2019

Heidi is joined by Kirstin Carlin and Melanie Roger. Kirstin has broadened her usual practice as an artist to guest curating the delectable 'Icecream Salad' at Melanie's gallery, bringing together a community of painters from a vast array of dealer stables. And then Artbank goes nepotism, with Heidi phoning Tom Tuke himself as he resides at Karekare Residency House, sharing the mishaps and hilarity of his rehearsals for his first puppet show 'Paloma and the Do of Death'.

Artbank: 8 December 2019

Artbank: 8 December 2019 Artbank: 8 December 2019, 222.3 MB
Sun 8 Dec 2019

Artbank: 1 December 2019

Artbank: 1 December 2019 Artbank: 1 December 2019, 221.52 MB
Sun 1 Dec 2019

Artbank: 24 November 2019

Artbank: 24 November 2019 Artbank: 24 November 2019, 217.93 MB
Sun 24 Nov 2019