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Jorge Elbrecht - Ancient Grief

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The Hard, Fast & Heavy Show: May 12, 2019

The "Fuck School" special, Mookie, Buzzy and Benny jam two hours of punk shit with Mookie and Buzzy handling the stuff from abroad while Benny jams all NZ punk/metal

protocol - De-militarised zone
subversive rite - Already Dead
Video Filth - Void
Impact Unit - My Friends The Pit
warthog - Brainwasher
Terrorist - Nothing
Condor - Tapage
pisse - Fahrradsattel
NANCY - Why Am I Crying
The Replacements - Customer
school jerks - Rent Boy
Blank Spell - Scythe
FIDLAR - 5 to 9
Motorhead - Victory or Die
Total Ruin - Gutter Grave
Epidermis Key - Body Ache
Bazooka - Slave To The Cradle
Chainsaw - Bugs
Drug Problem - Sexually Transmitted Text Message
Easy Off - Goth Mog
Easy Off - Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Enshroud - The Ensarement of your slowly degenerating and contaminated spirit
The Misfits - Bullet
Minor Threat - Seeing Red
Vaguess - Hate The Police (Dicks Cover)
The Urinals - Ack Ack Ack Ack
Lorn - 555-555
youth avoiders - Control
The Sueves - Knife Wallet
replica - You Cant Stop The Weather
pisse - Vernissage
Articles of Faith - Bad Attitude
The Muff Divers - Does The Pope Shit In His Hat?
Obedience - Cut Throat
Ragged Veins - Nothing Lives Between My Legs
Sick Old Man - Outflaked
TVX - Daktopian Dreamz
Spiteful Urinator - Bore You To Leave
Stress Ghetto - Get It Today Split
Noxo - Eat Hot Lead
Dog Cock - Christians Ruin Everything
piggery - Blood Into Piss
PVNISHER - Downward
Commando - Effigy
OFF! - Red White and Black
Creem - Never End
Hard Leather - Iron Bells
Limp Wrist - Square One
Electrocutioner - My Hell
subversive rite - I Dont Believe
City Hunter - Dying Out
Man-Eaters - Taste Concrete