Sunday 1am - 3am

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Headland - Waiting

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The Hard, Fast & Heavy Show: August 11, 2019

Aus-Rotten - The System Works... for them
Plastichke - Ca Gaze Pour Moi
Booji boys - I Dream of Booji
Converge - Eagles Become Vultures
Dark Thoughts - Psycho Ward
DIE - Life is Hate
Government Warning - Arrested
Institute - Giddy Boys
NANCY - (I'm A) Man
night birds - The Other Side of Darkness
warthog - Corroded
piggery - Back to Slaughter
Rapid Dye - Jimmys Street
Robber - Main Man
Bone Awl - Wall As Hard
Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits - My Goat Thrusts For Ointment
Cadaver Dog - Repulsed
The Repos - Attack From All Sides
No Comment - Saying Uncle (Won't Help At All)
Fear Of God - Running Through The Blood
IMPULSO - Costante Ossessione
MK Ultra - Bouffant Headbutt
Radioactivity - Battered
post teens - When I'm Wasted
Total Fury - I Win, You Lose
Sick Of It All - Clobberin Time/Pay The Price
gazm - Predator
Dirty + His Fist - L Pill
WHN? - Positive Youth
Vanity - Cant Be Bothered
Kitchen People - Bad Mates
Limp Wrist - Thick Skin
La URSS - Ataudes de Plastico
GLUE - Enemy
tear it up - And in the end
witchtrial - Hooves, Horns and Hell
Crawler - Work Eat Fuck Breed
Doom - War Crimes
ZHUKOV - King Of Iron Fuck
Concrete Sox - Senile Fools
Down In The Pentagram - Intorment
Darkthrone - In The Shadow of The Horns
Red Death - Permanent Exile
warthog - Levitated Corpse
Germs - Richie Dagger's Crime
charles bronson - The Painful Yet Unavoidable Deathstar Comparison
jellyroll rockheads - No Skate No Thrash
spazz - Spudboy
Sex Pest - Maybe Bloody Never
liquids - Trashcan
Impalers - Secret Beach
Trash Knife - All Grown Up
Tragedy - Revengeance