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The Audible World: Sunday February 2nd , 2020

Mostly Irish 3

maira ni chroibin - by the river of gems
alan lomax (recording) - unidentified gaelic song 1
alan lomax (recording) - unidentified gaelic song 2
john murdo martin - stornoway: psalm133
margaret dirrane - song of trabane
margaret dirrane - twas early , early in the spring
margaret dirrane - oro my thousand treasures
margaret dirrane - song of the tea
sean dirrane - the flax spinning wheel
margaret dirrane - milking croon
briget mullin - caoiene for the dead
paddy tunney - what put the blood
anon gaeliic ensamble - free church psalm 43: 3-4
anon gaeliic ensamble - st paul psalm 122: 1-4
anon lewsis ensamble - colsshill
anon breton ensamble - unknown breton song
anon breton ensamble - unknown breton song
Willie Scott - banks of newfoundland
belle stewart - the two brothers
lizzie higgins - the cruel mother
jumbo brightwell - newry town
geordie hanna - young edmund in the lowlands low
stanley robertson - the clattering of the clyde waters
sarah anne tuck - the precketty bush
seamus ennis - behind the bush in the garden
john findiater - the orkney style of courtship
anne o'nill - the threshing machine
runrig - fichead blidhna
jimmy macbeath et all - toorna ma goon
rinrug - cnoc na feilie
Anon - the royal forrester
landless - the blue of the night
radie peat - hairs on the mountan
radie peat - my bonnie boy
radie peat - rose connely
Linkum - the old man
Shirley Collins - lord gregory