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The Audible World: Sunday 5th of march, 2017

A Greek (and Macadonian) music special with special guest Chelsea Prastiti

la mer - mes branches penchees - stelios petrkis
penchevya - stephanya g.
horos - malevtziotikos
ena sholio - kieke
rita na abatz - pretai na skeptetai kaneis
t e first delphic hymm to apollo - michael levy
invocation to the muse - michael levy
hymn to hermes - michael levy
Diamanda Galas - the desert
Diamanda Galas - birds of death
Xylouris White - suburb
Diamanda Galas - hey musicians!
greek dance sond with lyra - anon
greek dance sond with lyra - anon
sivina yannatou - s'anninnia de
sivina yannatou - procurade
sivina yannatou - ave maria
sivina yannatou - gentle hand
k. bopurnelis and f. tilikos - dance of kalamata
g.gombakis - sousta dance of rethymno