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The Audible World: March 1, 2020

Anne Briggs - Black water slide live
Anne Briggs - Willie O Winsbury
Anne Briggs - Young Tambling
Anne Briggs - Fine Horseman
Anne Briggs - Bird in the bush
Anne Briggs - Polly Vaughan
Anne Briggs - The Stone Cutter Boy
Anne Briggs - The Snow It Melts The Soonest
Shirly Collins - Go From My Window
Shirly Collins - Giordie
Shirly Collins - Proud Maisrie
Shirly Collins - The Cherry Tree Carol
Shirly Collins - The cherry tree Carol
Shirly Collins - Murder of Maria Marten
Shirly Collins - Hares on The Mountan
Shirly Collins - Van Diemans Land
Shirly Collins - Poor Murderd Woman
Shirly Collins - The Cherry Tree Carol
Shirly Collins - Barbra Allen
Sandy Denny - Farwell Farwell
Pentangle - Let No Man Steal Your Tyme
Pentangle - A Maid Thats Deep In Love
Pentangle - The Cookoo
Steeleye Span - Lovley on the water
Steeleye Span - Drink Down The Moon