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Saturday Afternoon with Sarah: May 25, 2019

100% she'll be right, e hoa.

Womb - Here We Bend (to Smell the Dirt)
Aldous Harding - Damn
Supernatural Blues Band - Red Beach
dlt - Liquid Skies feat. Ryad
Pumice - Set of 666
Avengers - Water Pipe
Maxine Funke - Through the Trees
Peter Jefferies - On an Unknown Beach
Che-Fu - Intro / Waka
The Surfires - Friction
Hamish Kilgour - Close - Geo/Thermo
Tiny Ruins - Stars, False, Fading
Straitjacket Fits - All That Brings
P.H.F. - Tru
Putty in Her Hands - Trick of the Light
The Bats - Fear of God
street chant - Sink
Flesh D-Vice - Invisible Man
Sandy Edmonds - Come See Me
Roy Irwin - King of Pop
Freudian Slips - Don't Look Up
Celia Mancini - Sunny [w/ The After Dinner Mints]
Mark Williams - A House For Sale
Parallel Dance Ensemble - Run
Subware - Disco Hoopla
Able Tasmans - S.O.S.
The Yandall Sisters - What You Won't Do For Love