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The New Mourning - Lost in Contemplation

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Morning Glory with Lucia: Monday May 23, 2022

Lucia plays all home grown tunes celebrating New Zealand Music Month: prepare to hear the old classics, some b sides, and of course the recent punk Auckland has to offer. 

Street Chant - Scream Walk
Deb5000 - Vigilant
Roidz - I'M DONE
The Terrorways - Short Haired Rock n Roll
FCKCPS - Holding Back
The Forbin Project - POWDER RUN
Rubi Du - Back Up
Babyteeth - 2006
Superette - Touch Me
The Echo Ohs - Fool
Jono Das - Memories
Aidan Fine - Something New
The Zenmenn - Bella Fantasia
Kane Strang - My Smile Is Extinct
Wax Chattels - In My Mouth
The Mint Chicks - You're Just As Confused As I Am
Hex - Page of Pentacles
BUB - King of Wands
Fazerdaze - Treading Lightly
P.H.F - Girls
CINDY - Dethamphetamine
Dartz - 40 Riddiford Street
Proud Scum - I Am A Rabbit
Shaun's B'day - Kiwi Buggers
milk - Crit+
The Screaming Meemees - All Dressed Up (Live)
Rackets - Kristen