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Leaping Tiger, Church & AP - Carpe Diem

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Morning Glory with Lucia: Monday 21 February, 2022

Warpaint - Krimson
Julia Shapiro - Death (XIII)
Weekend Friends - Blue Again
Carb on Carb - Mitimiti
Who Shot Scott - WHAT TIME U ON
P.E. - Blue Nude (Reclined)
Night Lunch - Death Bulge 5000
Yucky Duster - Grump
Liz Cooper - Hot Sass
The Echo Ohs - You Don't Mind
Earth Tongue - Astonishing Comet
The Lippies - 302
Panic Shack - Who's Got My Lighter
Mousey - My Hands Are Made of Glass
Erny Belle - Island Time
Fine Place - This New Heaven
Vegyn - Da Drive
Bam Bam - Ground Zero
Antarticgo Vespucci - Freakin' U Out
Courting - Grand National
Holiday Ghosts - Off Grid
Vietnam - In Another Desert
Michael James Keane - Midnight Scene
The Gossip - Heavy Cross
Du Blonde, Ezra Furman - I'm Glad That We Broke Up