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Jello Biafra - Live In Wellington, 13 Dec 1995

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Morning Glory with Lucia: Friday, Rāmere, 25 August

Water From Your Eyes - Barley
Sorry - Cigarette Packet
Shooless - Journey To Nazareth
Hans Pucket - Fuck My Life
Husband Material - Limbo
Alvvays - Not My Baby
Rahill - Gone Astray
Geneva AM - IHO
Alex G - Runner
GUM - Would It Pain You to See?
Ebony Lamb - My Daughter My Sister My Son
Erny Belle - Unchained
Pachyman - All Night Long feat. Winter
Jack Bromwich - Fancy New Band
Stinky Jim - On The Ag (Strange Jim On The Blag Remix by Strange Flesh)
Yard Act - The Trench Coat Museum (Radio Edit)
Serebii - Lost Your Breath
Chastity Belt - Ann's Jam
Kieran Tahir - U All I Need
Kaneko Ayano - Kaneko Ayano