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Morning Glory with Lucia: Friday, Rāmere, 24 March

Habibi - Detroit Baby
Alvvays - Not My Baby
Crystal Chen - let's kiss, not fight
Eaves Wilder - Are You Diagnosed
Revulva - This Town
Ya ya - Fancy New Band
Arahi & TE KAAHU - E Ipo
Dub Pistols & Natty Campbell - Soundboy Killa
SOPHIE - Is It Cold In The Water?
Fazerdaze - Flood Into
Skylar Kergil - Tell Me A Story
Safety Trance, Arca - El Alma Que Te Trajo
Feist - Borrow Trouble
THUS LOVE - Put On Dog
Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her
Sonic Youth - Disappearer
Claude Cooper - Hardenhuish
Shea Diamond - I Am Her
sunny war - I Got No Fight
Wellness - Beach
Donald Byrd - Change (Makes You Want To Hustle)
Aretha Franklin - Respect
100 gecs - RINGTONE (P.H.F remix)