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Headless Chickens - Day of the Locust

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Morning Glory with Lucia: Friday 12 August

Elliott Dawson - Bald Spot
Oceanator - I Would Find You
Okay Kaya - Spinal Tap
Brandn Shiraz, DUSTY & GHOS - Kreepin'
Ben Woods - White Leather Again
Dateline - Love Hertz
D.C. Maxwell - Fancy New Band
Welcomer - A Steely Dan Covers Band
adam tukiri - Kakariki
annika & Crystal Chen - Resting Bitch Face
Mitski - Stay Soft
wet leg - Being in Love
Carla Geneve - Greg's Discount Chemist
Dartz - Hoons
Toy Shaw - Covers
Julia Jacklin - Love, Try Not To Let Go
Mhaol - Gender Studies
The Pezheads - Sophisticated Girl
The Regrettes - Pumpkin
Shannon and the Clams - Midnight Wine
Beastie Boys - Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)