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Techtones - On Your Mind

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Hard, Fast & Heavy Show: 26 May, 2019

Meth Drinker - Skull Smashing Concrete
Chainsore - Suffocation
Stress Ghetto - Bushwalkaz
Easy Off - Gothmog
ZHUKOV - Burn it Down
Unsanitary Napkin - Goodnight White Pride
bowel rupture - Black Line
feral blood - Call Of The Wild
Stress Ghetto - Ancient Illegible Schematics
Missing Teeth - Spike The Punch
Evil Priest - Yous Pigs Scum
Fantails - Dodgy Dudes Last Dance
Ghidrah - Beat Em Up
Fieldings Best Dancers - Fieldings Best Dancers Vs That Guy Who Jumped Over The Fence
Wizz Kids - Bad Economy
BAD - Through Fucking Around
Natural Glow - Young, Gifted and Fat
Love Mess - Whatevers Left
Corpse Rat - Static Death
Dogcock - Some Song
Total Ruin - Sewer System
Sick Old Man - Out Flanked
Draulicht - Shrine of Agony
Stress Ghetto - ABMF
Rogernomix - Grotty Politics
Rogernomix - Competing Freedoms
Odd Bodz - Partyston North
Ghidoraaaaggghh!! - Pilot Error
Smashin Off! - Narrow Streets
Caroles - Over Head
Sex Pest - Maybe Bloody Never
Cool Runnings - Stoned Tonite
Wizz Kids - Rent
Tentacles Of Destruction - Bombing
Bridgeburner - Open Hand / Iron Fist
Unsanitary Napkin - Patriarchal Boner
Unsanitary Napkin - Opulent Living
Cask Grinder - Ice Cold Mixup
Ragged Veins - Nothing Lives Between My Legs
Unsanitary Napkin - Blissful Myth
Crawler - Creature
TVX - Weed Witch
Invertebrate - Worm Filled Trachea
feral blood - Graveyard Earth
Love Mess - We All Get Older and Die
Ghidoraaarrrggghh. - Some Song
Caroles - Destroy
Numbskull - Live By The Board, Die By The Board
Gordons - Adults and Children
Evil Priest - Zombie
Missing Teeth - Archie Blue