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Hard, Fast and Heavy with Morgana: Sunday July 9, 2017

Brain Slugs - Crush Life
Groke - Demo/Horizon
sump - The Assesor
M.O.T.O - Gagging On The Edge Of Love
Nocturnal Scum - Requiem
Sewercide - Rituals Of Ceremonial Sickness
Sick Old Man - Barba Crescit Caput Nescit
Techie Blood - 2nd Tape
Nhamak - Side A
ESP Mayhem - Verklempt
Vastum - Patricidal Lust
Fury - Play(BAB)
Jimbo Jones - Cuffed Beanie
Wite Wash - Reasons
Treatment - Dirty
Depths - Flesh Into Scars
Deathhammer - Warriors of Evil
Shah - Total Devastation
GELD - Coming To The Leigon
Robber - B'n'E
Watchdog - Spoiled Youth
Caveman Movies - Return of the Reptiles
Slaughtbatt - Awakened To Slay
Corporate Control - Rust
Jahlia - 666Stupidity