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Gang Of Four w/ Phil A.: Friday May 24, 2024 (NZ Music Special)

Doubting Thomas’s - It’s Just A Dream
Winterland - Burn
SJD - You Are The Movement
Stephen - Don’t Know Why
The Managers - Who Am I Kidding
Headless Chickens - Monkey Jar
City Newton Bombers - Damascus
Bailter Space - The State
Kora - On My Mind
Swallow The Rat - Terra Nullius
Tall Dwarfs - Paul’s Place
Ghost Club - Howl Of The Duck
Princess Chelsea - Forever Is A Charm
Children’s Hour - Caroline’s Dream
Maitreya - Waitaha
Sticky Filth - May Be A Lover
Dimmer - Searching Time
Flex On Mars - One Step
The Instigators - Hope She’s Alright
Vietnam - Victory
The Clean - At The Bottom (live)
Sommerset - Say What You Want
Guardian Singles - Can’t Stop Moving
Skank Attack - Harvest Of Shame
Skeptics - Mamouth (live)
Rebel Truce - The Man Inside
Able Tasmans - What Was That Thing?
Concord Dawn w/ Geist - Styx
The Dum Dum Boys - Running Scared
Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies - Randolph’s Going Home