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Anunaku & DJ Plead - Wheele

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Gang Of Four w/ Phil A.: Friday June 1, 2018

Doubting Thomas’s - It’s Just A Dream
S.J.D. - From A To B Or Not To Be
Galveston - Last Run Of The Night
Soundproof - Phasing Saddles
The Androidss - Auckland Tonight
Threat.Meet.Protocol - He Saw His Shadow
King Kapisi - Screems From Da Old Plantation
Headless Chickens - Expectin’ To Fly (12” remix)
The Mint Chicks - Walking Off A Cliff Again
Unity Pacific - With Jah
Dimmer - Drift
Joe Duke & D.J. Fitchie - Seconds
Tali - Lyric On My Lip (Ed Rush & Optical remix)
Hallelujah Picassos - Rewind (RIP Bobbylon)
Alpaca Brothers - The Lie
Cassette - Pick Me Up
Che Fu - Fade Away (Soane remix)
Skeptics - Blue
Nothing At All - Busted
Confucius & Mysterious D - Do As I Say (Milo remix)
Kora - Politician
No Idea - Wotever
Collapsing Cities - In The Valley
The Great Unwashed - Neck Of The Woods
Lanky - Wait