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95bFM Jazz Show with Def Jim: Sunday May 14, 2023

  • Trioglodyte with Riki Gooch & Sean Martin-Buss - Blowness (edit; from Jazz From The Underground Nightclubs Of Aotearoa Vol.9)
  • Steve Reid - Ginsamseng (edit; from Odyssey Of The Oblong Square)
  • Miles Okazaki - Indistinguishable Gray Expanse (from Hive Mind)
  • Murray McNabb - Eurasian - E-Music (from The Way In Is The Way Out)
  • Shakti with John McLaughlin - Lady L (from A Handful Of Beauty)
  • Neill Duncan & Devils Gate Outfit - Pickpocket Rag (from Phantom Tones)
  • Quest - Natural Selection (from Natural Selection)
  • Ava Mendoza - Ampulex Compressa (from New Spells)
  • John Zorn - Ne'eman (from New Masada Quartet Vol.2)
  • Band R - Ninth Of Tomorrow (from The End Is The Beginning)
  • Steve Lehman Octet - No Neighborhood Rough Enough (from Travail, Transformation & Flow)
  • Trioglodyte with Karen Hu & Larsen Taylor - Lonely Woman (edit; from Jazz From The Underground Nightclubs Of Aotearoa Vol.8)