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Garageland - Come Back

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95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: September 11, 2020

Today on your bFM Breakfast: A stunning Friday morning that's definitely warming us up for the weekend; Fabian Fanboy got a couple of good reckons for you to watch; Dr. Kirsten Zemke takes us into Space Age Bachelor Pad Music; PolyHill pops in with her new single, 'Spooky' and a stunning video to match; Sam's watched a show that's really blown him away; and Dick Move are here to talk about their debut album. 

Purple Pilgrims - Two Worlds Apart
Raiza Biza - A Piano Song
Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu - Worst Comes To Worst
Arthur Russell - I Like You!
Troy Kingi, Ngāneko Newman - First Take Strut
Xani Hall - Space
Dateline - Love Hertz (Live at Neck of The Woods)
Bon Iver - 22 (OVER S∞∞N)
P.H.F. - More/Marsh
Screaming Meemees - Stars In My Eyes
Alien Nosejob - Airborne Toxic Event
Sneaks - Faith
PollyHill - Pulp Facts
PollyHill - Spooky
Girl Friday - Clotting
Dillinger - Cocaine
The Velvet Underground - Train Round the Bend
Emily Edrosa - Wade Thru
Troy Kingi - All Your Ships Have Sailed
Princess Chelsea - The Loneliest Girl
Zero Cool - So Long Old News
Aluna, Princess Nokia, Jada Kingdom - Get Paid
Reb Fountain - Hawks & Doves
Dick Move - Chop!
Dick Move - Femoids Attack
Tricky - Running Off feat. Oh Land
M.I.A. - Shells
Cerrone - Supernature