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Snowgoose - The Making of You

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Supa Dog in association with 95bFM present mclusky*

Supa Dog Touring in association with 95bFM present mclusky*. Saturday January 18th at The Tuning Fork.

2005 was a bloody long time ago. Children born in 2005 are getting acne now. Heck, kids who started school in 2005 can vote and die in a war. 

Remember mclusky*? Remember how you were taking that bus to Bulls, and your friend said “hey, check this out on my large format iPod”? And it was mclusky*? And the rest of the way on the bus you just listened to “The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not on Fire” and decided that electroclash was dead and that now you wanted to start a proper punk rock band with a real drummer and everything?

Well, they’re back! And, against the usual odds, they’re actually better than ever! And you can catch them at Auckland’s own Tuning Fork very soon.

Don’t miss out! Get your tickets now, right here.