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Na Noise - Bad Dreams

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95bFM presents The Growlers

95bFM presents The Growlers. January 19th at the Powerstation.

A phrase you hear associated a lot with The Growlers is “Beach Goth”. They’ve got their wild and extravagant Beach Goth Festival. They’ve got their record label Beach Goth that releases their music. They also describe that music as “beach goth”. But it’s so much more than all that. They truly have the aura of goths at the beach. You’ve been there, you know what it’s like… the sand, the heat, the leather boots, the salt in your hairspray. It’s a vibe. And they live that vibe. And now, they’re bringing that vibe to Auckland for the first time in more than five years, touring their new album ‘Natural Affair’.

Beach goths unite! Get your tickets here now.