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95bFM presents: Powerfest! Powertool Records 20th Anniversary

Powerfest! Powertool Records 20th Anniversary. Sunday 6 June at New Lynn Community Centre. All Ages.

Powertool Records are tearing into their 20th anniversary as a proudly independent record label with an absolutely off the chain all-ages, 4 stage, 38 act rip-roaring shindig. The morning kicks off with a record fair in conjunction with Alien Record Shop 10am to 1pm, with the bands getting going from 2pm.

Featuring... X-Features, Loud Ghost, Mary, The Fuzzies, The Changing Same, Vorn, Avondale Spiders, Gold Medal Famous, The Holy Loner, Ripship, Headlock Grave, The Biscuits, Sandtrap, Universal Authors, Cloudy, Art Wank, Stacked, Mariner, Melanie, Quaint, Crossroads Dirt, Enshrine, Jennie La Bombe, Shady Brain Farm, Wear You Wig Out, Cootie Cuties, Superturtle, Video Nasty, Jang, Slow Rage, The First Child, Scantily Clad, Freaks Of The Deep, The Ideas, The Doubtful Sounds & New Existentialists.

Feel the power! Get your tickets now from Under the Radar.