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The Clash - Straight To Hell

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95bFM presents Nightmares On Wax SOLD OUT

Nightmares On Wax. Friday November 15th at The Hollywood Avondale SOLD OUT

What comes to mind if I tell you to think of the 1990’s?

Maybe… Pokemon? The adorable Japanese fighting monsters.

Perhaps you think of Vanilla and their single ‘No Way, No Way’. Was it just a cynical parody of the Spice Girls, or did it have a heart and soul all its own?

For, realistically, a lot more of you though, the 1990’s probably conjures up images of striking one up, laying back on the sofa, and cranking some downtempo grooves courtesy of Nightmares On Wax.

If this is you, then grab your old bucket hat, chuck on those cords, and get pumped because Nightmares on Wax are back! And if you saw their rapturous set at last year’s Wondergarden then you definitely know that this is nothing to sniff at