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95bFM Drive Live from The Wine Cellar!

Wine Cellar Drive Live with Hans Pucket - Friday May 31st

To help kick off The Wine Cellars' weekend leg of their 20 year celebration, we thought we would head down to that iconic basement early for a special Hans Pucket performance and broadcast it for you lot on the airwaves on Drive. 

And because we all know a band is better to watch in person, and Hans Pucket are famously an excellent live band, we are inviting everyone to come hang out from 4 - 7pm. 

So sneak off work a little bit early and come have a whiskey, a dance and a good time to some catchy rock songs about having a bad time.

If you want to check out the full festival "It Seemed A Good Idea At The Time - Twenty Years Of The Wine Cellar", get your tickets here 

Thanks to Thomson Whisky and Victor Gin, with support from Auckland City of Music and Creative New Zealand