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Tami Neilson - You Were Mine

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95bFM presents Alex Cameron

95bFM presents Alex Cameron. Saturday 14 March at the Tuning Fork.

You’ve really gotta have something going on for Wikipedia to describe you as ‘high-concept’. There’s not just a concept, there’s a hell of a concept. It’s a massive ol’ concept. The whole thing is conceptual big style. The thing about big style concepts though, is that it’s actually pretty hard to pull them off with… style. But Alex Cameron is out here, with his sunnies and his massive dirt-bag anthems, and his surprisingly tender love songs, and he’s making it happen! Big style with style.

Now, he’s coming back to NZ with his band, Roy Molloy (sax man), and his new album, Miami Memory in tow. You just know that this is gonna be one styley night.

Tickets are on sale Friday 13 December from here. Don’t miss out!