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95bFM Laneway Broadcast

Laneway 2020 is just around the corner and it's gonna be massive. In fact, it's going to be totally unmissable.

HOWEVER - if you do have to miss it for whatever reason (family commitments, jazz recital, the exploitation of your labour for profit) then we've got you covered.

95bFM will be broadcasting live from Laneway all day, January 27th, thanks to our mates at Atomic Coffee Roasters. With interviews, live feeds, maybe a snack review or two, we've got everything you need to save you from that festie fomo. So, if you do miss out, you won't be missing out! So to speak.

PLUS - For those of you who are lucky enough to have scored a ticket, we'll be back running the 95bFM Laneway Coat Check. It's only $2 for in-once and out-once, or $5 for multiple pass-outs. Just look for the big 95bFM Bus near the entrance.