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Who Arted

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Who Arted Stella Corkery Who Arted Stella Corkery, 23.91 MB
Thu 8 Nov 2018

Aimee chats aesthetics with artist Stella Corkery, whose joint show with Sriwhana Spong, Pry The Willow Open, is currently open for view at Michael Lett Gallery.

Aimee Ralfini interviews Stella Corkery

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Hanna Petrick Hanna Petrick, 8.02 MB
Thu 1 Nov 2018

Aimee chats with painter Hanna Petrick, whose solo show Corridors is currently on display at Whitespace

Hanna Petrick

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Who Arted Wanda Gillespie Who Arted Wanda Gillespie, 25 MB
Thu 25 Oct 2018

Aimee chats with Wanda Gillespie about the origins of her current practice and what she’s got planned for the remainder of 2018.

Wanda Gillespie

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Who Arted Robert Wallace Who Arted Robert Wallace, 25.18 MB
Thu 18 Oct 2018

Aimee and Keria chat with videographer Robert Wallace aka Parallel Teeth – maker of videos such as Beffy by Ladi6, Rangers by Randa and more recently Hang by Merk.

Robert Wallace

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Who_Arted_Francis_McWhannell Who_Arted_Francis_McWhannell, 16.74 MB
Thu 11 Oct 2018

Curator Francis McWhannell is on the show, chatting about the gallery tours on K.Rd for Electric Night tonight – part of Artweek Auckland.

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Glass Artist Layla Walter Glass Artist Layla Walter, 18.93 MB
Thu 4 Oct 2018

Layla Walter creates bespoke cast glass vessels in vibrant hues using the historic lost-wax technique. She chatted with Aimee about her latest activities and involvement with upcoming Art Ache during Artweek.

Layla Walter

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Colourist Evie Kemp Colourist Evie Kemp, 18.95 MB
Thu 27 Sep 2018

Fan-girl Aimee chats with Evie Kemp about her bright and colourful creative expression and her work in upcoming Art Ache studio sale, to be held during Late Night Art as part of Artweek.


Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Gary Silipa Gary Silipa, 16.44 MB
Thu 20 Sep 2018

Gary Silipa chats with Aimee about his current practice and his plans for Changing Lanes in Durham Street East for Auckland Artweek from Oct 6th-12th. 

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Painter Paris Kirby Painter Paris Kirby, 24.03 MB
Thu 13 Sep 2018

Painter Paris Kirby chats with Aimee about her fabulous new show up at Sanderson Contemporary – Fertile Ground

Paris Kirby

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Painter Hannah Melville Painter Hannah Melville, 17.58 MB
Thu 6 Sep 2018

Aimee chats with painter Hannah Melville about her work in Fantastic Fields – her first New Zealand solo show in over a decade.