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The Shelter People - Smokestack Lightnin'

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Who Arted

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Photoartist Greta Anderson Photoartist Greta Anderson, 28.83 MB
Thu 30 Aug 2018

Intelligent lols abound on this Who Arted as Aimee chats with photographer Greta Anderson about her latest series of work titled No Hoarding, currently up at Two Rooms.

Greta Anderson

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Contemporary Art curator Natasha Conland Contemporary Art curator Natasha Conland, 34.32 MB
Thu 23 Aug 2018

Aimee listens dutifully to Auckland Art Galleries Curator of Contemporary Art – Natasha Conland, about the ins and outs around this years Walters Prize selection, installation and heritage. Most informative.

ft. Jess Johnson & Simon Ward, Ruth Buchanan, Jacqueline Fraser, Pati Solomona Tyrell.

Who Arted with Aimée Ralfini

Painter Cam Edward Painter Cam Edward, 19.86 MB
Thu 9 Aug 2018

Painter Cam Edward answers the hard questions around the intentional/unintentional flaws in his paintings and bonds with Aimée over Sims City. 

Cam Edwards

Who Arted with Aimée Ralfini

Thomas Pound Thomas Pound, 17.65 MB
Thu 2 Aug 2018

Visual Poet Thomas Pound chats with us about his latest series The Instance, currently on at Government House, Auckland University, Auckland, New Zealand.

Thomas Pound

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Katherine Atafu-Mayo Katherine Atafu-Mayo, 24.28 MB
Thu 19 Jul 2018

Artist Katherine Atafu-Mayo chats with Aimee about her work and her involvement in the upcoming Art Ache, being held at Lot23, 26th July.

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Nick McFarlane Nick McFarlane, 28.02 MB
Thu 5 Jul 2018

On Who Arted today design director Nick McFarlane will be chatting with us about Moonlight, a mysterious new artist-focused campaign doing the rounds on social media.

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Tracey Tawhiao Tracey Tawhiao, 25.54 MB
Thu 28 Jun 2018

On Who Arted today artist Tracey Tawhiao talks about her latest work of art – bridging the gap between the spiritual and the mortal – Te Puna O Āio, The Temple of Potential.

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Jess Johnson Jess Johnson, 22.19 MB
Thu 21 Jun 2018

Aimee chats with artist Jess Johnson about her work, which is currently on display at The National Gallery of Australia, was recently featured at The Auckland Art Fair and is in Multiples – a print and trinket show, currently on at Ivan Anthony Gallery.

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Pacific Notion Pacific Notion , 17.68 MB
Thu 14 Jun 2018

Aimee delves deeper with Iaone Iaone and Niki Hastings Mcfall about the umbrella term 'Pacific', it's pros and cons and where to from here. Both artists are exhibiting in Pacific Notion: 20 Years On, at Whitespace, alongside Lily Laita, Kenneth Merrick, Lianne Edwards and Raymond Saga-polu-tele.

Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

Pacific Notion: 20 Years On Pacific Notion: 20 Years On, 24.85 MB
Thu 7 Jun 2018