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Border Radio with Bernie Griffen, Paul Taylor & Kirsten Warner

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Border Radio With Deputy Paul

Border Radio, June 2, 2019.mp3 mp3, 222.54 MB
Sun 2 Jun 2019

A show with a vibe centred around a chat with Adam McGrath of the Eastern. Townes, Bob Dylan, Son Volt, Anna Tivel for some folkyness. Then new tunes from The Felons, Bohannons, Mary Battiata & Cory Brannan. A big chat with Adam about his current tour and show at the Tuning Fork on June 8th, and playing a bit of Upper Hutt Posse in his honour. ( That ain't no Hank WIlliams song ! ) And then tapering off with Some crazy old 70's rednecks, back on the protest vibe Billy Bragg and Wilco and heaps more in between.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, May 26, 2019 Border Radio, May 26, 2019, 217.07 MB
Sun 26 May 2019

The Aotearoa Americana show for NZ Music Month, wallowing in the glory of it all. Not surprisingly featuring Marlon Williams, The Warratahs, Delaney Davidson, The Eastern, Reb Fountain, Kendall Elise, The Broadsides, Bernie Griffen and The Grifters & The Vietnam War among others. A little more surprisingly perhaps, sneaking in that quaint Hallelejah Picassos version of Who do you love?, Some Chills & Street Chant's epic NZ folk song of despair, Pedestrian Suppport League. 

Boder Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 19 May, 2019 Border Radio, 19 May, 2019, 221.74 MB
Sun 19 May 2019

Show starts with a few old and familiar tunes from REM, The Hangdogs, Pixies doing Neil Young kind of thing, then dips into plenty of brand new tunes mainly from out of South Carolina thanks to a sampler I found on-line. Cool bands like Kid Trails, She Returns from War and Slow Motion Cowboys. Then disaster strikes!! An attempt to get fruity with the '70's vibe goes awry about halfway through the show - but stick in there 'cos it comes back with more new tunes from the likes of Late Night TV some lovely local stuff from Kendall Elise and Emily Fairlight, a Lone Justice blast from the past and Star Anna who I haven't played for a while. SO yeah, nice show with a messy interlude. Aroha mai !

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 12th May, 2019 Border Radio, 12th May, 2019, 221.06 MB
Sun 12 May 2019

From 1970 - 2019, Papakura to Arizona. Classics and brand new tunes from right next door and far away. A handful of tunes off Kendall Elise's brand new 'Red Earth'. Also featuring our new buddies in Phoenix, The Felons and Shadowcaster.  Classic Neil Young, brand new Delaney Davidson and Barry Saunders, Norah Jones doing Hank Williams, Miley Cyrus doing Dolly, desert psych from Dirtwire, a little darkness from The Walking Dead Soundtrack and even some surprises from Voom and Talking Heads. Because we can.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, May 5, 2019 Border Radio, May 5, 2019, 219.52 MB
Sun 5 May 2019

A fun show with the theme 'Geographical features'. Lots of roads, a ton of rivers, a mountain or two, some moons, valleys and a even chemical plant. A real mixed bag featuring Reb Fountain, Marty Robbins, Dolly Parton, Sarah Shook and The Disarmers, Robert Earl Keen, Robert Ellis, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Little Feat and that awesome pairing of Delaney Davidson and Barry Saunders.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 28 April, 2018 Border Radio, 28 April, 2018 , 223.84 MB
Sun 28 Apr 2019

Totally fizzing tonight over the new Delaney Davidson & Barry Saunders album - so there's a few tracks off that. Some brand new tunes from bands discovered on a heartland america gig poster, Johnny Mile & The Kilometres and Joshua Reilly & The Corn Fed locals. Vintage Willie, vintage Neil and some fruity 1970's jams. Marlon live in the bFM lounge. Tex Pistol covers Tiahape's finest; Daggy & The Dickheads and heaps more. Especially Delaney & Barry.

Border Radio wIth Deputy Paul

Border Radio, April 14, 2019.mp3 mp3, 223.23 MB
Sun 14 Apr 2019

So I caught the last hour of record store day and scored a Dolly Parton album and the soundtrack to the the Jim Jarmusch movie Dead Man, so I built the radio show around them. It was pretty fun. Dolly, Neil, movie music, noisy guitars, lovely female vocals, dark gothic themes and hooning tunes including Darcy Clay's cover of you know what. 

Border Radio wIth Deputy Paul

Border Radio, April 7th, 2019 Border Radio, April 7th, 2019, 221.88 MB
Sun 7 Apr 2019

Can you take away "no good cheatin'", "killed my baby down by the river", "all the farm stock have died", "I lost my job so I'm cooking meth, now I lost everything else too" and the similar themes and still have a two hour Border Radio show worth having? Is it OK to not be sad? This experiment features Jerry Jeff Walker, Neil Young, Dori Freeman, Jenny Don't and The Spurs, Natural Child, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Magic Factory, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, and even Townes Van Zandt as well as many more. Did it work ? You be the judge.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio with Deputy Paul Border Radio with Deputy Paul, 221.88 MB
Sun 7 Apr 2019