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Wednesday One To Four, Weds 3 June, 2020

Nailah Hunter - Soil: Song From Silence
Nailah Hunter - Ruins
Gillian Whitehead - Hine Raukatauri
700 Bliss - Ring The Alarm
King Kapisi - Saboteur (feat. Teremoana Rapley)
Che Fu - Share The Info
Coco Solid - Narratives (feat. Brown Boy Magik)
Ryan Hendriks - DRUGS
zeroh - The Lord & Nature
Rabit - 2
Noname - Casket Pretty
PollyHill - Rare View feat. LB
Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Kanohi ki te Kanohi, in a Virtual World (feat. Julian Lubin)
Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio - Antiquity
Nailah Hunter - Enter
Nailah Hunter - Quiet Light
Damaged Bug - Sold America
Repairs - Last Chances
LILSTIFFY - Firebase
Rubi Du - Guiding Star [Mokotron Remix]
Ria Hall - Chant
Akinsanya - Defender of the Faith
The Beths - I'm Not Getting Excited
Kraus - Dish of Silver Full of Blood
Ranuimarz - A New Beginning
Team Dynamite - Who? feat. Diggy Dupé
Dominic Hoey & Matt Short - Plague
Orquesta La Conspiracion - Silencio
MHYSA - when the saints (reprise)
Nailah Hunter - White Flower, Dark Hill
Nailah Hunter - Talisman
The Sun Ra Quartet - When There Is No Sun