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Wednesday One To Four, Weds 18 December, 2019

Fraser's - Iff
Renick Bell & Fis - Ambi 7
Sleaford Mods - Tweet Tweet Tweet
Flamingo Pier - Tripping Up
Fanfickk - Pure
The Leonard Simpson Duo - Nobody
kelman duran - just jump off
Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan - II
keiyaA - do Yourself a favor
Amelia and Maddy - Hot Christmas
Anna Meredith - Killjoy
Peter Ivers - I've Seen Your Face
Arthur Russell - List Of Boys
christoph el' truento - clouds
Ana Roxanne - I'm Every Sparkling Woman
Bebe Yama - Bareback
SebastiAn - Pleasant feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg
Jorge Elbrecht - Minus Sign feat. Tim Koh
Shoddy - Hiding Like Hades
JUN CHIKUMA - Climb Down
Climb Down - There is no water to steal
Eartheater - High Tide
RAFT OF TRASH - zoning ix
TV Blue - At Peace With My Fuck Ups
waterhouse - Soteria I, II
McLusky - Flysmoke
End Boss - Feral
P.H.F. - Aimway
Green Grove - Wooden E
Skogkatt - Suzume
Blanco - Pull Up
Galcher Lustwerk - I See A Dime
Deaton Chris Anthony - Sircles
Klein - We Are Almost There
Vegyn - It's Nice To Be Alive