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Universal Harmony: May 9, 2017


A Different Take On The World:
The feature where we highlight a different way of thinking in order to better understand our experience of life.
This week we ask how will fashion react to the growing crisis of climate change. Ali Schachtschneider is exploring the future of fashion as the industry adapts to the looming crisis.

Sound of Sydney set:
Bruce Trail - Bridgework
Borrowed Identity - Faith
Dan Shake & Medlar - Walk 

Universal Harmony:

Unknown - Bad N Groovy
Hunter - Chet Stays Young
eu-IV - escape
Jonwayne - These Words Are Everything
Stereolab - Brakhage
PVT - Another Life
beatboxbandit - Don't Fight The Feeling
Levi Patel - Empty Calls Quiet
No Vacation - Mind Fields
WunTayk Timmy - Cake ft. Bryson Tiller
Black Science - I Fell Off The Edge Of My Mind
Fran - Same Name
Julia Jacklin & RVG - Coming of Age
Two Another - The World Demands It
Nakaia - Mango (AKAY Remix)
Asa Moto - Stay Awake
Cottam - Side B
Dion Lunadon - Fire
Demon Fuzz - Message To Mankind
Cigarettes After Sex - Affection
Jex Opolis - Ravines
Richard Spaven - The Self (feat. Jordan Rakei)
MELODOWNZ - The Anthem (feat. Bailey Wiley)
Jen Gloeckner - Row With The Flow
Slowdive - Sugar For The Pill
Here Lies Man - Belt of the Sun
Allan Kingdom - Don't Push Me
Oganized Noize - Kush (feat. 2 Chainz & Joi)
Stanzah! - wass ya name?
Kevn Spacey - me julie
Bruce Trail - Bridgework
Borrowed Identity - Faith
Dan Shake & Medlar - Walk
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Susan