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Universal Harmony: June 27, 2017


Sound of Sydney set:
Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo Edit)
San Soda - Birdies that Fly
Session Victim - Yes I Know (Max Graef Remix) 

Pro-Mo Teuuuuuune:
Knxwledge - CG's

Universal Harmony:

Show Me The Body - Halogen (feat. Mal Devisa)
Rizván - Life I Chose (feat. Diggy Dupé x Spycc)
UNIQU3 & Yungkidd - Trunk
Nosaj Thing - All Points Back To You
Ibeyi - Away Away
Estancia La Mar - El Pacifico Mexicano
Photay - The Everyday Push
The Tammps - Rubber Band
Kirin J. Callinan - Down 2 Hang (feat. James Chance)
Mermaidens - Satsuma
Air Max '97 - Fruit Crush
Suzi Analouge - Flyyy (feat. Blair)
Cohenbeats - Daily Affirmations (feat. Quelle Chris)
DBLDBL - Non-Stop 'Home and Away' Omnibus
Raymond Scott - Dorothea
Estancia La Mar - Botavara
Jun Kamoda - Blind Disco
Toco - Sweet Elisa
Dan Kye - Like You Wanna
Cave Circles - My Heart Is A Beating Drum
Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo Edit)
San Soda - Birdies that Fly
Session Victim - Yes I Know (Max Graef Remix)
Jun Kamoda - Ramen Funk
Knxwledge - CG's
Chewii - PuNoni (feat. Govales & KAYTRANADA)
Leo Sayer - Easy To Love
Stro Elliot - The Summer Love Song