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Universal Harmony: April 25, 2017


Spoken word feature this week: 
ANZAC Day Tribute, a military soldier talking about his time in Iraq. 

Sound of Sydney set:
Lutzenkirchen - 3 Tage Wach
Chateau Flight - Kolingo (Love)
Mood Hut - Better
Willie Colon - Set Fire To Me (SanFranDisko Mix)

Universal Harmony:

Joan Bibiloni - Una Vida Liarga i Tranquila II
DAWN AGAIN - Hot Tub Lonnie
Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (Schtung Chinese New Year Remix)
Wolf Müller - Pfad des Windes
Here Lies Man - Belt of the Sun
Actress - CYN
Oscar Dowling - Rotten Apple
Buzzcocks - What Do I Get?
Keiya - No Gravity
indi - Precipice
Quint Baker - Touch Play On The Tape Recorder
Taiwan Housing Project - Ideal Body Alignment
Sun Kil Moon - I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same
Shin Joong Hyun - Beautiful Woman
Lil Pump - D Rose
Cut Off Your Hands - On The Sea
The Fitness & Pony - Sex I'm An Addict
hotmood - Superstar
Voilaaa - Decalement (feat. Pat Kalla)
DJ Poffo - Jungle Music
Fink - Boneyard
Sam Perry - 07
Kevin Morby - Come To Me Now
Hau - Everything ft. Footsie
Lil Pump - Flex Like Ouu
Clear Waters - Hillbilly Blues
Lutzenkirchen - 3 Tage Wach
Château Flight - Kolingo (Love)
Mood Hut - Better
Willie Colon - Set Fire To Me (SanFranDisko Mix)
Elli Medeiros - Fugu
Q-Tip - Let's Ride