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Totally Wired with Hunter: August 6, 2022

Clear Path Ensemble - Drumatix
Okay Kaya - Spinal Tap
Winter - Atonement
Hans Pucket - My Brain Is A Vacant Space
Sam Gendel - Tate-waku
Mall Grab - Patience (feat. Nia Archives)
Brandn Shiraz, DUSTY & GHOS - Kreepin'
Surprise Chef - Money Music
Earth Tongue - Miraculous Death
Hysterical Love Project - 2BC1
Coby Sey - Onus
Nina Kraviz - This Time [Moodymann Remix]
BLKLIST - The Way We Were feat. Troy Kingi
Ducks Ltd. - In Between Days feat. Jane Inc. [The Cure Cover]
Princess Chelsea - The Forest
Landlords - Perfect Life
Frankie Cosmos - One Year Stand
Kaidi Tatham - We Chillin' Out (feat. The Easy Access Orchestra)
Ela Minus, DJ Python - Pajaros en Verano
Elle Shimada - WHY FIGHT I (feat. NAGAN SERVER & Quartz Pistol)
Burrito Eats - Them Sweet Waffles (feat. Ian Ewing)
No Romance - Glitters
Welcomer - A Steely Dan Covers Band
Dateline - Love Hertz
Brijean - Take A Trip
Van Staden & Böhm (VSB) - 0800SEXIBAE [DJ Chrysalis Remix]
Daniela Lalita - Tenía Razón
Stella Donnelly - How Was Your Day?
Elliott Dawson - Bald Spot
John Bell - Blue Flowers, Gold Flowers (feat. Julien Dyne)
Violet French and The Horrible - Been Too Busy Crying
Violet French and The Horrible - Pop Pop Pop
Violet French and The Horrible - Too Much Indie
Violet French and The Horrible - Unchecked Baggage
Violet French and The Horrible - I Want The Sky To Be Crying
Actress & Mount Kimbie - AZD Surf
Grecco Romank - Worm Regenerate - Keanu Raves Remix
dreamcastmoe - Cloudy Weather, Wear Boots
The Maghreban - Got Your Number (feat. Nah Eto)
Stereolab - Simple Headphone Mind